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Name a PS3 game that you're pretty sure NOONE here owns!

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User Info: SirMixahLot

3 years ago#71
hyperskate65 posted...

I own this.
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User Info: Mad_Cauliflower

3 years ago#72
hyperskate65 posted...
Afro Samurai
No More Heroes

got em
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User Info: gamefaqwatcher

3 years ago#73
Need for speed pro street (?) Got it free with my playstation 3 along with resistance two and some other game. I did enjoy using the fastest cars on this long desert track. I think they were there unlocked or i cheated because i wasn't going to invest time into that junk.
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User Info: razzkazz

3 years ago#74
calhoun1389 posted...
HaloODSTD posted...
import games excluded.
indie/arcade games excluded.
PS1/PS2 classics excluded.
limited or special editions of a game count the same as a "regular" edition

The Sims 3 Pets

My wife has that...

PSN games included: Punisher No Mercy. Literally no one was online when I got it 2 months into it's lifespan. Got delisted the next year.

PSN games not included: John Woo's Stranglehold.

I own No Mercy. As an old-school arena shooter fan I really liked it too. I think I'm ranked 8th on the small maps deathmatch mode.

Used to own Stranglehold.

User Info: retrogoods

3 years ago#75
Wolfenstein 2009. Pretty good game that stays true to some of the ideas from the original Wolfenstein 3D. Really the last of the WWII games.
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User Info: Bongbuddy

3 years ago#76
Disney/Pixar Ratatouille

User Info: razzkazz

3 years ago#77
^Have Wolfenstein 2009, love it. The New Order is gonna be the sleeper hit of the year.
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