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Endings in Videogames these days SUCK !!!

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  3. Endings in Videogames these days SUCK !!!

User Info: nightrazor423

3 years ago#1
I can't believe these endings in videogames today, you play them for about 20 to 40 hrs depending on what type of game it is & you are like WTF is this.

I spent all this time effort & energy on this game & this is what I get. It is sometimes enough to make you wanna smash your controller through the TV.

Games such as YS MOC on the Vita is an example of a CRAPPY ENDING.

I mean are there any games out there with a decent ending or actually haven an ending to them, Not Fade to Black KoTor ending.

Only few games actually do it right being Persona 4 or some PS2 games had awesome endings.

Worried about new games such as Drakengard 3 or my Tales of Xillia 2 will have crappy endings.

Don't get me wrong they are awesome games but whats the point if this is going to be South Park The Stick of Truth or LR in terms of ENDINGS.

I cant believe I waisted 130 bucks on 2 games which I beat in less than a WEEK, don't even get me started on the endings.

Which was worser Cant pick South Park or LR both are Equal in terms of ENDINGS.

Also movies these days also have CRAPPY ENDINGS.

User Info: RPG maniac87

RPG maniac87
3 years ago#2

Endings sure were amazing back then.
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User Info: toadieman

3 years ago#3
This topic is going to end crappily.

User Info: boxington

3 years ago#4
the ending to Stick of Truth was pretty good, IMO.

it stayed true to the humor of the show. |

User Info: Sighto

3 years ago#5
TC needs to go burn his dread.

User Info: SegavsCapcom

3 years ago#6
Still better than those "Congratulations" screens...
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User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
3 years ago#7
most endings from the games i played have been good not sure why are you so upset also it's not the ending that matters but the journey
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User Info: Digivillain

3 years ago#8
There are just as many good/bad endings now that there were since the beginning of this industry... Damn people and them nostalgia goggles glued to their faces.
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User Info: HalloIsItMeYour

3 years ago#9
toadieman posted...
This topic is going to end crappily.

Are you suggesting that it will have a CRAPPY ENDING ???

User Info: IngExBein

3 years ago#10
Love how this topic reeks of "I'm confusing the climax with the ending."

As for some great endings as of late -

Transformers Cybertron 2
Yakuza anything but 4
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  3. Endings in Videogames these days SUCK !!!

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