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Endings in Videogames these days SUCK !!!

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  3. Endings in Videogames these days SUCK !!!

User Info: BurgerTime79

3 years ago#41
Look up Brentalfloss' Classic Ending Credits song. I'd link it, but there's plenty of language.
Game endings have been horrible for years.
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User Info: Mad_Cauliflower

3 years ago#42
I much prefer my endings, to be the ending of the actual game itself. Not some pointless cinematic effort.
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User Info: Chr0noid

3 years ago#43
The problem with video game endings nowadays is that developers seem to think that shoehorning in some super sad tragic climax makes their writing automatically deep. Either that or they don't resolve anything at all because apparently having resolution is considered too mainstream nowadays.

Video game writers seem to be stuck in this pretentious craze and it needs to stop.
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User Info: DotsAndLines

3 years ago#44
They purposely don't provide closure in game endings so they can milk the series for 15 more sequels.
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User Info: Rizzman111

3 years ago#45
Nemerlight posted...
Still better than TV shows. Dexter ruined my life.

I loved the show. But dang, that ending was even worse than lost's
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User Info: theshoveller

3 years ago#46
Everything seems to have a crappy ending these days, TC. Games have crappy endings. Movies have crappy endings. TV shows have crappy endings. Books have crappy endings. Your post had a crappy ending. My post has a crappy ending. Dogs poop books fire boom.
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User Info: SuigintouEV

3 years ago#47
Most games have pretty forgettable endings - even my favorite ones.

About the only games whose endings I have particularily fond thoughts of:

The Wind Waker
Tales of the Abyss
Chrono Trigger (Follow that Cat!)
Catherine (Catherine True Ending)
Disgaea 4
Ace Attorney 3
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User Info: AughtforNaught

3 years ago#48
It's not that they are bad today. Every generation has its share of good and bad endings.

I will say that the worst gaming ending I've ever experienced is fairly recent. AC III had a god awful ending and it soiled any affection I had for the series.

I could list some others, but that's the one that immediately comes to mind.
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User Info: Carpetfluff

3 years ago#49
This topic in essence doesn't make sense. Since the dawn of games a lot of ending have sucked...or not even existed. Single text screens. One bit of artwork. The number of older PC and console games I've finished that have literally just dumped you back to the title screen within seconds is huge. This is not a recent thing.

User Info: lazer_lice

3 years ago#50
You want a crappy ending? Play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Hours and hours of horrible game and what do you get for it? Crybaby Belmont, end credits, post credits scene that is completely unexplained in game.

Thanks Konami, thanks for letting one of the best series of all time get completely ruined in one game by the worst developers in the universe.
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  3. Endings in Videogames these days SUCK !!!

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