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Games that failed to live up to the hype/your expectations.

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User Info: -Articuno-

3 years ago#61
The Last of Us
Skyrim- Think I liked Morrowind better, plus I think this might have to do with waiting on the loading screen for a long time.
Dark Souls(liked Demon Souls better)
Bioshock Infinite

Guess, I must of expected too much. although I did like Uncharted 2 Among Thieves.
Haven't tried Far Cry 3, which is another game fairly hyped.

Also didn't know Aliens Colonial Marines had hype.
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User Info: distr0ia

3 years ago#62
Super Paper Mario

themegaman7 posted...
Dragon Quest 8 & 9 - Excepted: Pretty good jrpgs, Was: some of the most snooze inducing games of all time

I thought VIII was really good, even if it was pretty easy. IX I still have yet to play.

User Info: Gigant0pithecus

3 years ago#63
TES V: Skyrim would be the absolute worst offender. Nearly everything that makes an RPG an RPG was stripped away or casualized way too much. The most I've ever been disappointed by a game whose predecessors were far better, and set the standard much higher. All the stuff I thought should be ****ing mandatory, standard or an obvious inclusion in the next damn Elder Scrolls game was completely absent. The game literally felt about 1/4 finished. A couple of things I think it got right, were the city of Windhelm (which is the only city that has any real 'charm' and feels the most 'homey' out of any city in the game) and the inclusion of smithing and mining for ore. Just about everything else regarding this game is the definition of flash over substance.

Fable II. Just bad all around and it lacked everything I enjoyed about the first Fable. Namely, cutscenes, armor and more bosses. Fable III somehow managed to be even more of a joke.

Halo 3. Floaty, weightless combat and movement, poorly designed and forgettable campaign, sloppy MP with bad maps, etc. I could go on. But the worst thing about it was simply the unsatisfying gunplay that Halo 2 nailed so well.

GTA V. I've enjoyed GTA since III onward through Vice City, San Andreas and IV. But GTA V was the first I've played that lacked a GTA feel; by far the worst story out of them, the worst characters, the city (as much life as they attempted to breathe into it) lacks atmosphere and feels "crafted" rather than immersive like Liberty City. I also didn't care for the character switching, and the combat somehow feels less tight, precise or fluid than Red Dead Redemption. The game overall just fell far short of what I felt should be standard for a GTA game.

Dragon Age II. Ugh... Where to even begin? You are limited to the city, the combat aesthetics were over the top with enemies exploding in chunks of blood, the enemies in general didn't feel menacing and came across as cartoon-like baffoons, bad characters throughout the game for the most part, etc. I'm pretty sure this one was developed by a different team than DA: Origins and it shows. Worse than it's predecessor in just about every way. The one appreciated addition for me was the Move To Location option for characters via the tactical wheel during combat. That was better and more efficient than having to individually move characters around in DA:O where you wanted them on the battlefield with the analog stick. Again though, everything else about the game was bad.

There are probably a few more but these are the ones that stick out as good examples. The issue wasn't even so much that there was too much hype surrounding these games, but just being let down by things you felt should be STANDARD. That hurts the worst.
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User Info: IngExBein

3 years ago#64
^ Press a button, bro! Something awesome happens!

User Info: SirMixahLot

3 years ago#65
Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
I bought a PS3 AND Xbox360 the day the game was announced and pre-ordered both special editions and both standard editions (I'd play on the standard ones). I played the HELL out of the game for about a month and realized how stupid and broken the game is. As an avid Marvel 2 fan, the only reason I kept the PS3 was because of Marvel 2. Everything else was either sold or given away. Wasted my money on crap... smh
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User Info: HighwayPilot

3 years ago#66
YoshioKST posted...
To date, I consider MGS4 the worst game in the Solid franchise, and it completely killed my interest in MGS. Did not pick up Peace Walker, will not be playing Phantom Pain after playing it.
I agree about MGS4, but I'm glad I played Peace Walker after it. Way better than 4 and V looks like it will be great too.

User Info: Turbokk

3 years ago#67
Gears of War
Halo 3
Forza Motorsport 4

User Info: BlackFeathers

3 years ago#68
Infamous as and Bioshock infinite...
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User Info: aneed4peed

3 years ago#69
Ni no kuni. Looked amazing, heard some really good reviews for it but the game was a disappointment after playing it for a few hours. Art was alright but there was just something off about playing as a 10 year old (or something) and the gameplay had a fair few number of issues.

Assassin's Creed 3. AssCreed 2 and Brotherhood (lolrevelations) was just really good games and AssC3 did not live up to the hype.

Kingdoms of Amalur. BOOOORINGGGGG!
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User Info: Worm199

3 years ago#70
After loving nearly everything about Smackdown vs. Raw 2006, SvR 2007 was one of the first disappointments I experienced.

Hitman Absolution is also a big one. It's three leagues below Blood Money, maybe even 4.

Others include:
Last of Us (Not even on my top 10 best PS3 games list)
WWE 13 (Another disappointment after the great WWE 12)
Skyrim (Shockingly swallow combat)
Every Heroes of Might and Magic game after III
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