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Is the Disgaea series any good?

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User Info: TreyTrey619

3 years ago#1
Even if the only SRPG I played is Valkyria Chronicles?

User Info: archizzy

3 years ago#2
Disgaea is quite a bit different than Valkyria Chronicles. The grid based mechanics along with overall setting and story. The meat of a Disgaea game is post game and if you are into grinding/stat maxing. It's most likely a love it or leave it series for most people.
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User Info: ATTACK__CAT

3 years ago#3
the first was an amazing parody of video game and anime tropes… that also had a brilliant SRPG thrown in.

then it went sharply downhill for 2… the story was bad… the characters were awful… the SRPG was slightly improved.

3 was hit and miss plot wise, but generally much improved SRPG/gameplay wise.

4 was the worst plot wise. similar consistent 'improved upon previous' gameplay.

disgaea D2 managed to recapture SOME of what was lost plot wise. it wasn't anywhere near the first, but took a solid 2nd place… gameplay is once again improved on all previous.

I recommend 1 first. if you fall in love with the plot/comedy style then get D2… then 3 then 4 then skip 2…

if you fall in love with the gameplay then 3-4-D2…. or if you don't think you have 600+ hours in you… skip to D2 and accept going backwards the gameplay might feel downgraded.

if you don't fall in love… well both SRPGs and anime styled games (even if it is a parody, if you haven't seen what it is parodying, you will probably not get the joke) just aren't for everyone.

User Info: CabbageHeart

3 years ago#4
They're grindfest timesinks. The game play is. Literally grinding not strategy. I don't recommend.

User Info: Whyudra

3 years ago#5
Their Fun.
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User Info: alienfetucine

3 years ago#6
CabbageHeart posted...
They're grindfest timesinks.

I've played 1-3 and yeah this is my overall impression. Though they've got decent first playthroughs, when you mostly level up enough through normal gameplay and can be carried by dumb jokes.
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User Info: Seithri

3 years ago#7
honestly from what i've played of the series, the first one is as everyone else said, the best in terms of story. Every iteration afterwards improves the gameplay. In terms of story i'd rank 1>4>2=D2>3

reasons why is 1 just did a marvelous job in telling a story with comedy, drama, and making fun of stereotypical stuff you'd get from these kind of games. 4 did a fairly good job just having a ton of things happen and having the things in a story that made disgaea 1 had without being the same exact story as disgaea 1. 2 was alright, but i found the side characters way more interesting storywise which kind of sucks. D2 was honestly along the same lines, though the game play is probably the best out of all of them just because they balance all the game mechanics enough for you to want to delve into the many mechanics of the game whereas in the previous its much less of a thing you wanted to do. 3 is kinda hit and miss wit the story because although there are a few parts that are legitimately interesting... The majority of it is too.. try hard on the comedy?

that is about all i got to say
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