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How long did you wait to buy a PS3 after it was released?

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User Info: SexySamSosa67

3 years ago#1
It was released November of 2006 and I bought one in July of 2009, nearly 3 years after.

I am not gonna wait another 3 years for PS4 as the age thing is catching up to me.

Anyway, how long did you wait?
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User Info: gamer20111994

3 years ago#2
Last September
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User Info: AnonUnknown

3 years ago#3
Until August 2012.

User Info: DotsAndLines

3 years ago#4
About 2 years I think. I expect the same wait time for the PS4.
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User Info: AjidoMarujido

3 years ago#5
About a week.

I was working at a Toys R'Us at the time, I was able to hold one until I got my paycheck.
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User Info: dillpickle69

3 years ago#6
I think December of 2008 probably.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

3 years ago#7
June or July 2008. I wanted to grab a 60GB BC model after they were discontinued but before they became rare and (more) expensive. I intended to wait until LittleBigPlanet launched in Oct. 2008, so my PS3 got to collect dust for a few months before I used it.

Of course, it has collected a LOT of dust since then, so I guess it was good practice.

User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
3 years ago#8
Got my 120GB Slim in the Fall of 2010 I believe. So four years after launch.
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User Info: MonkeyKrazy07

3 years ago#9
5 ****in' years

User Info: KCJ5062

3 years ago#10
About a year later.
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  3. How long did you wait to buy a PS3 after it was released?

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