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What did you think of Gta 5 ?

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User Info: Gohan9221

3 years ago#1
Now that the game has been out a few months what did you think of it ?

User Info: Mad_Cauliflower

3 years ago#2
was and still is a phenom
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User Info: ilikefords

3 years ago#3
It redeemed the series. San Andreas was amazing and then they give us IV....

Online is disappointing though. It was fun for a little while and then I realized there was jack to do and half of the content they said would be in is still missing.

I'm always playing the SP though, as I just like exploring the huge city.
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User Info: StarlessShadow

3 years ago#4
Good game but very overrated.
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User Info: HighwayPilot

3 years ago#5
It's bigger than GTAIV, but not better. In terms of possibilities San Andreas is still miles ahead. The missions, especially the ones towards the end, aren't very good either.

User Info: MajinTa

3 years ago#6
HighwayPilot posted...
It's bigger than GTAIV, but not better. San Andreas is still miles better. The missions aren't very good either.

You mean you didn't like doing Yoga? C'mon... I know you enjoyed it. Single best mission of the game... GTA Universe actually.
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User Info: UhMerican

3 years ago#7
While an improvement over the abysmal GTA4, it's still boring. The most infuriating part is that it would be about a million times better if they hadn't have obviously butchered the game to put all the good ideas in the online mode.

User Info: ComradeRyan

3 years ago#8
I love the accessibility of getting into an online mission fast.
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User Info: boxington

3 years ago#9
top five title from last gen, IMO, and the best open-world game.

User Info: rigice

3 years ago#10
Its better than GTA IV, at least it kept me interested through the final mission. After that? I literally wasn't doing anything because they don't give us enough end game money to buy places like the golf course. No, I didn't use the assassination/stock market, and honestly, I don't like the implementation of an in game stock market. The game is fun to play a couple times around, but given the amount of hype and praise its gotten, its very overrated.
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