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Netflix Problems.

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User Info: Lss_Deadpool

3 years ago#11
I have the same problem, i thought it was my internet speed, i switched providers and still nothing, been like this for over a year now, i think its my ps3 tho cuz even video game cutscences are doing the same thing :/
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User Info: Blaze21

3 years ago#12
Playsaver posted...
Well it could be his ps3 internet connection isn't set just right. Or it could be he is only getting standard definition video playing back on his Wii and Iphone. Standard definition video requires less bandwidth and internet speed then a High definition video on his ps3 would.

Oh, this is a great point. TC, if you go to your Netflix settings and turn down how much streaming Netflix puts out per hour, then this may solve the problem.
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User Info: SneakiestNeg

3 years ago#13

User Info: fire21971

3 years ago#14
I forgot to mention: The same choppiness happens during the cut scenes of all my digital games.
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