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Why no fat people in games?

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User Info: knickschamps

3 years ago#1
I want to play as a jolly fat guy who eats a lot and goes around saving the world from evil. It doesn't have to be making fun of fat people but should have some comedy elements to it. Maybe it could be like Jak and Daxter where he has an animal sidekick to help him in his quest. He could eat food as power up and that makes him grow in size. I think troy baker should voice him as he has the most generic "video game" voices that money can buy. I would hope for at least a 75 on metacritic with an "all you can eat DLC" promotion to soon follow.

Don't worry there will be an English dub but Troy will mainly be focusing his talents on the japanese audio. He is shooting for a cross between Yuri and Malik for the main characters voice. One in game mechanic is where you eat different pastries and eventually you form a "bond" with them where you can level them up and take on various abilities of said pastry. Often this will make your animal companion "jealous" to the point where you engage in a QTE fight with him.

This is an XBOX ONE exclusive that will take full advantage of the cloud and bring in a new era multimedia entertainment. Larry "Major Nelson" Herb is going to be available for full mo-cap when designing the main character and is even willing to add some weight for authenticity's sake.

User Info: Spurner

3 years ago#2
Do the truffle shuffle!

User Info: dragondrive33

3 years ago#3
Knick if you notice on TV these days there Is also not 1 Fat Person on TV nor on any TV shows besides Big Smo or Duck Dynasty.

It is the New Pretty America, The New Image, If I was Fat I would Sue for Discrimination, cause it would be like Emotional Abuse, which is worse than Physical Abuse.

Cause of the Constant Wheight Loss Commercials, all these Pretty People who are Chisled out of Stone. Not Once do you see a Normal American in these commercials or on TV.

Nor on Video Games, every games has Ultra Sexy, Big Boobs, Chisled out of Stone, You don't see your Average American on Games or on TV which I think is a form of Discrimination.

Instead of Black & White back in the 60's now you have a new Battlefield Pretty vs. FAT.

User Info: agrissa

3 years ago#4
Fat Princess
Xu Chu
Corporate greed has ruined gaming.

User Info: Run_2_the_Hills

3 years ago#5

User Info: qwertyMrJINX

3 years ago#6
Niko Bellic is pretty chunky, and unlike CJ, Niko can't lose the weight by running about.
"Wise men choose death before war, Wiser men choose not to be born," - Angel

User Info: Spurner

3 years ago#7
E. Honda?

User Info: 8f9g43k8ku7335p

3 years ago#8
Because why would gamers want to play as themselves?
(message deleted)

User Info: Playsaver

3 years ago#10
Developers can't afford the cost of the extra pixels they would take up.
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