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Older gamers are feeling disconnected from gamers today?

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User Info: IceHusky

3 years ago#11
AlphaOmegaSid posted...
I miss the old GameFAQs, used to look forward to post in this site everyday. I used to type a lot of tips/advice to help others stuck at particular parts in games that were difficult too back in the day.

It has become NaziFAQs now, known by many by this name. You get modded just for little things and for posting your opinions, which is why I post less tenfold.

Once I get 6,000 Karma, I am done with this site. I will always remember and have fond memories of the "classic" GameFAQs, which I really enjoyed to post in many times in a single day.

Yeah, I remember you from the early 2000's, AlphaOmegaSid. I miss the old GameFAQs too. By the way, my user handle has changed over the years; Husky, Icewolf74 and now IceHusky. So I've been here for awhile too, starting around 1999...I think. I Remember when people used to post magazine review scores to games on console message boards; now if you decide to post magazine review scores, it gets removed for "off topic posting." Or how about the "rate my collection" threads people used to create? Now if someone does it, he/she will get attacked on their preference of games instead of just getting a rating on their collection like old times. HAHA! Heck, I still remember when CjayC ran the site.

By the way, I've tried many times quitting this site the past few years and I always return. Probably since there is no other gaming board on the internet that has as much traffic as GameFAQs does. I like talking about video games, but getting attacked all of the time by all of the immature users on this site is very disheartening, including in this very own thread. So of luck to you if you decide to bail on this site. I hope to do the same one day too. :)
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User Info: Axess68

3 years ago#12
SmoshCuch posted...
I don't think it has anything to do with age.

You're comparing a conversation among friends to talking with anonymous strangers who can say anything they want with no real consequences. Of course you'll have a better conversation with your friends. I'm sure teens & twenty-somethings have better, more mature conversations with their friends than they have on message boards also.

And would you actually put anything from the Atari era in your top ten? I'm the same age as you, and I certainly wouldn't. That doesn't necessarily have to do with age either. I doubt I'd put anything pre-PS1 in my top ten, personally.

I would ABSOLUTELY put games from my childhood in my Top Ten. Especially from the Atari / Apple II/ Commodore 64 era. Those games were decent without having to bow to public pressure from people like Anita Sarkeesian, Hilary Clinton, etc. We went to arcades and hung out besting each other's high scores and having a blast! These days, idiots who are non-gamers have to put their political and social beliefs in our faces while we try to just have fun. It was a better atmosphere back then. And I STILL play the old games to this day when I get a chance. Heck, my favorite quick games are from the Arcade titles I can download on PSN or XBLA. Nostalgia aside, they're just fun and not overly complicated.
Axess2084 on PSN and Xbox Live. Gaming for almost 40 years now.
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User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
3 years ago#14
BOZK posted...
My first game I ever played was Call of Duty. Older gamers need to get with the times and start playing stuff like Call of Duty instead of...turn based jrpgs and platformers, yuck. Don't get me started on graphics either. How the hell did people play older games Plus new games are made for everyone in mind so that they please everyone. were older games meant to please everyone except for nerds?

yes, yes they were since when did you have to be a nerd to play games?
"I love mankind it's people i can't stand"-Linus van Pelt,Peanuts

User Info: Axess68

3 years ago#15
You can keep your Call of Duty. I got sick of that series after MW3. But, if that floats your boat, more power to ya. Just don't tell people what they SHOULD be playing. Not everyone likes the same things.

I play tons of new games as well as the old. You can look up both my ID's below on PSN and XBL and see the lists of stuff I've played and either still own or owned in the past. You can be an old guy and still play new and older games.
Axess2084 on PSN and Xbox Live. Gaming for almost 40 years now.

User Info: ynosucka

3 years ago#16
Its a different society now also because of the changes in media and information technology (forums), if you had a forum with only 40 year olds, it would not be too much different than here. And the good old times are only so golden in your memory because you blocked out all the negative and now as you grow older you see more of th negative because its so recent. So the mistake is , like of most people, you are not living in the future and you dont know what you want. So you are only a feather in the wind.

I am sure you can start some good topics on games you really like and not get attacked for it, even if some do not like these games at all :)

User Info: Axess68

3 years ago#17
Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind.
Axess2084 on PSN and Xbox Live. Gaming for almost 40 years now.

User Info: Jx1010

3 years ago#18
Im also an older gamer, even tho I joke around alot on forums I do agree with you TC.

User Info: SmoshCuch

3 years ago#19
I like talking about video games, but getting attacked all of the time by all of the immature users on this site is very disheartening, including in this very own thread.

Where in this thread has anyone attacked you?

The obvious troll posted after you, and everyone in this thread has been perfectly polite. Heck, at least half have agreed with you, and those that disagreed just disagreed about why. I honestly don't see any attacks in this thread.

User Info: theshoveller

3 years ago#20
IceHusky posted...
Being 39, I cannot help but miss those days of when gamers of my generation could agree (or disagree) upon games released in the 1980s and 1990s as they came out, which would end with a "that's cool" reply; but now days games released during the PS3/Xbox 360 generation if you don't agree on a favorite game with the rest of the crowd, you are called a "troll" or "an idiot," or something to that nature. It sucks. Oh well, what can us older gamers who long for mature conversations, like when we were younger, do, especially since there is a huge disconnect with the teens and 20-somethings of today? I only wish there was a message board for gamers 35 and older where gamers can talk to each other in a mature manner since GameFAQs is not that message board for those kind of conversations.

Yeah, I hear you, man. I honestly, legitimately think it all stems back to the whole "internet" thing and how people tend to be even more social animals nowadays than back... hell, even a decade ago. Nowadays, it seems like they need to feel they're "right" in their opinions, and I think it's in some way related back to Facebook and MySpace.

Just my thoughts on it. I don't get it either.
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