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Older gamers are feeling disconnected from gamers today?

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User Info: BOZK

3 years ago#41
for gamers that don't play call of duty I feel nothing
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User Info: Axess68

3 years ago#42
krucifixhorror posted...
I just dont like the direction games are going in. Older games were complete with the ability to unlock things with gameplay. Now its about nickel-and-diming people for the same things.

Amen to that, brother!
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User Info: ratchet200

3 years ago#43
BOZK posted...
My first game I ever played was Call of Duty. Older gamers need to get with the times and start playing stuff like Call of Duty instead of...turn based jrpgs and platformers, yuck. Don't get me started on graphics either. How the hell did people play older games Plus new games are made for everyone in mind so that they please everyone. were older games meant to please everyone except for nerds?

You lost all credibility when you said your first game was Cod.

User Info: DarthVashti

3 years ago#44
I must be an exception then, seeing as I am 34 years old. I grew up with the NES and If I were to make a list of my top 10 favorite games the oldest would be Fallout 2. I also have no problem with the current direction games are headed. The only trends I am not in favor of is this free to play crap and digital only.
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User Info: Anutha One

Anutha One
3 years ago#45
I think the biggest problem facing what many of these so-called gamers have is their screwed up logic in backing a console instead of embracing any and all platforms that provide a gaming opportunity. I don't know how many people here on Gamefaqs troll topics on here that are for the competing system than the one they own themselves. I wouldn't doubt that the number is fairly substantial though. Back in the day, Atari competed with Colecovision as well as Intellivision and you were glad if some of your friends had a different system than what you owned because it gave you a chance to play different games than what were being offered for your own system. True gamers don't waste time berating systems (either consoles or computers) because they are too busy playing the plethora of games that are so readily available.
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User Info: rajin_donuts

3 years ago#46
It depends. I get bored more easily by games these days.
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User Info: sanjeust

3 years ago#48
I agree. Although at 30 I still prefer younger games to older games. And there are people who are at least clueless, as they say things which are inaccurate or untrue about a game they think they dislike. Given the certainty and dismay I feel they talk with, it isn't far fetched to call them trolls when I think they are saying for ulterior motives.

User Info: Aya Brea

Aya Brea
3 years ago#49
I know part of the problem for me is now that I am older I no longer have the luxury of time or lack of responsibilities that I used to have in the 90s. I used to play games like 12 hours a day especially during uni holidays, I was able to devote a lot more times to my games. Now I work full time, got a mortgage to pay, relationship, house chores etc I just don't have the times to play all the games I want. As for those long 60+ hour RPGs that I used to knock off in a week it now take me 3-4 weeks. And I usually lose interest way before then since it take me so long (in real time) to make any worthwhile progress.

Another thing is being spoilt for choice now. There are more games coming out than say the 90s. And being financially (relatively) well off I could buy any and all games I want. Having so many choices makes it hard fore to choose which to play and I feel less patient with them. When I get slightly bored of a game I just switch over to the next one. In the old days I would have stuck it out.
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User Info: XdemonAlucard

3 years ago#50
NES was pretty bad honestly. It had it's good series but a whole lot of junk/games that barely worked. And before that, yeah, nothing noteworthy. The SNES was the prime of 2D gaming. Everything worked and people were making great games and testing the limits of 2D, similar to where we're at now with last gen and current gen with 3D games.
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