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Older gamers are feeling disconnected from gamers today?

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User Info: Aya Brea

Aya Brea
3 years ago#91
Unbridled9 posted...
Not to sound snarky, but why are you surprised?


No one is surprised. I'm sure most of us have gradually felt like this for a long time for different reasons but tc just voiced his opinion and like minded people have agreed.
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User Info: odcrl001

3 years ago#92
I'm just happy to see quality posts that don't appear often from fellow old people
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User Info: HorrorSindicate

3 years ago#93
That's the trouble with the world, Sarah darlin'. People got different ideas concernin' what they want out of life.
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User Info: worshipme4life

3 years ago#94
Neat post!

As a gamer in my late 20's, I feel you on the classics. I started with the NES and had a blast playing that as a child (still do). SNES was totally epic at release, and it finally felt I had the arcade in my living room. Mid to late 90's was all about RPG's for me, and man did I sink some serious time into them. While PS1-era games are considered eye-sores by some, I still like to go back and play through them when time allows as I've never really been bothered by the shift in graphics.

I guess I've always had a diverse enjoyment of genres, but definitely enjoy Action/Adventure, Strategy, and RPGs the most. However, even back then most of my friends weren't into a lot of those games. I got hassled a lot because they didn't get it. So they'd want to pop in stuff like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or Driver, for example. They just felt like the games I liked were lame and boring. And console arguments were totally still happening (blast processing, anyone?). Addressing a forum with hundreds of anonymous users will definitely net you some hate, unfortunately.

I don't think it's gamers as much as the medium itself that has changed. It's become more mainstream than ever before. It seems to me that a lot of games are designed around the "drop in, drop out" style of play to make gaming more accessible. I think the biggest difference is the wider audience with games geared for a shorter attention span. As Aya stated about herself earlier, I too don't have the time to grind an 80+ hour game with a complex plot in less than a week anymore. I feel like developers have taken notice of that trend (especially western ones), with some crafting games that can appeal to young and old alike, hashing out repeats of the genres and trends we see today. That's not even addressing any other "problems" with modern gaming I see, but it's the most relevant to me in this case.

Speaking of Top Tens....check out Demon's Crest for SNES.
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User Info: Onion_Jr

3 years ago#95
I don't think this has anything to do with age. The forums of conversation and exchange have simply changed. Back in the day you didn't discuss with random strangers on the Internet, you discussed with your friends face to face, so obviously the method and feel of interaction was completely different.

Nobody calls you a "troll" or "an idiot" if you talk with them IRL. I often talk about games with my friends, and the discussion is nothing like the conversations I held on GameFaqs for example. If message boards existed back in the day, I highly doubt there would have been a notable difference.

One point in particular in your opening post irked me. Do you think entertainment and social/political progressiveness are somehow mutually exclusive? Do you think you can't enjoy entertainment that tries to actually make an impact by telling something about the world? It has always annoyed me that gamers want their hobby to exist in a vacuum. But luckily it doesn't. Games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment these days, and in order to stay relevant and evolve, they need to take these things into consideration. I for one don't want to play another game about a sweaty, muscle bound hero saving a scantily clad, helpless woman, or a game where gay and black people are laughable sidekicks.
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User Info: huyi

3 years ago#96
i'm 31, and i'm just fed up of the greed in the gaming industry right now, my favorite pastime turned into a greedy cespit for investors and publishers, i get depressed just thinking about it.

i like that fact that i can just go into my game collection and play my old time favorites again and again as much as i want and never tire of them, they are always complete and they are fun too.

i'll keep playing them till they wear away from age, the nes is almost 30 years now and still going strong, you always got to laugh at the indies who take advantage of the retro age with their over abundance on the 8/16 bit graphics, i'm surprised so many kids like the retro indie games.
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User Info: trafficduckk

3 years ago#97
Halo05 posted...
I'm 35 and honestly, I'm pretty happy to feel disconnected from many of the people that share my hobby. I mean, there are people on here who have literally lost friends over videogames. That is so pants-on-head stupid that I'm very content to sit alone and play whatever I feel like playing without worrying about some other human being getting huffy because I bought a PS4 before I bought an Xbox One.

Explain to me why pants on head is stupid please , and one of the traditional gamer conventions (playin alone) is dissapearing faster every year
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User Info: Axess68

3 years ago#98
Huyi and others, I completely agree about the disturbing turn gaming has taken. Greed is the reason for Day One DLC, incomplete games needing patches, hiding parts of games behind a paywall, and the overall cost of games. The ONLY reason games cost millions to make now is NOT the technology, it is the overpaying of developers and publishers. Lots of developers are filthy rich. I'm not talking about the coders in the trenches, I'm talking the higher ups. They take a huge amount of pay compared to those beneath them. It's gotten that way with all corporations. CEO's of most corporations take home over 500%+ compared to their workers. That has NOT always been the way, but it is now!

Also, this shift toward Micro-transactions, Digital Distribution only, Day One DLC, multiplayer only, etc., is a blight on the industry. Not everyone has a blazing fast Internet Connection. Thanks to greedy companies like Comcast who charge a ton and barely service their system, people are limited with online. Comcast aren't the only ones who overcharge for their Internet, there are definitely others. I used to work for an ISP while I was married and KNOW what goes into maintaining a good, working, system. And bandwidth is out there in abundance. As with anything in abundance with a corporation, they limit its availability and charge through the nose for it. Maximum profit with as little effort as possible. Nothing is ever done to limit these people and consumer rights barely exist anymore.

I'm sure there will be people who completely disagree with me that drank the kool-aid that Corporate PR has fed them, but they'll see eventually that what I say is correct. It's always shocking to me how many people defend the greed of corporations and politicians without actually being rich and powerful themselves.
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User Info: cheezeknight

3 years ago#99
Not trying to derail this topic, but some of the posters in this topic have bigger issues than disconnect with gamers...
The world is changing for the better. Lack of acceptance makes you seem ignorant. Open your minds. This is not 1950.
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User Info: SmoshCuch

3 years ago#100
"I'm sure there will be people who completely disagree with me that drank the kool-aid"

Have you considered the possibility that there might be people who disagree with you based upon a reasonable difference of opinion?
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