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Played Final Fantasy for the first time via Origins.

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User Info: knightoffire55

2 years ago#1
Thought it was pretty damn good. I just wish the game didn't force you so heavily to use every single party member.

Towards the end of my playthrough, my knight was a walking god, murdered pretty much everything instantly. But every other party member was so weak, many hours of grinding behind my knight. This meant i had to get really creative with my playing style in those last floors where you re-fight the fiends. I pulled through eventually, but then i got to the final boss. And then i found out my knight can't beat him alone. As i looked into my own future and saw hours of grinding ahead to grind up a good magic user, my spirit finally broke. I watched the ending on youtube. First game in a long long time, that i didn't actually beat.

I really want to play Final Fantasy II though, so it's not all bad.
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User Info: FaustXII

2 years ago#2
Lame dude. I play that one on my iPod from time to time. THere's nothing dificult about leveling up your other party members, don't see what the problem was.

I suggest you give it another run sometime.

Also, play FFX. Forget about 2 until later. X is where it's at.
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User Info: rswsc0407

2 years ago#3
Who else did you have in your party?
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User Info: Spurner

2 years ago#4
Needs more Black Belt

User Info: EnigmaGamer

2 years ago#5
You're supposed to buff your members with Haste/Fast (double hit count) and Temper/Steel (+ attack). The second buff can also be stacked multiple times. If you don't have a class that can do those, then you can use Giant Gloves as an item to cast Saber, which does some +hit/attack. You really do need to do this as the bosses have high defense and you can't necessarily rely on the criticals to ignore it. At least the buffing spells work in Origins unlike in the NES version (Fast did work there, but not the + attack ones) where you had to hope for criticals to do decent damage to the final bosses.

Evasion buffs can be useful too, but you need to do a decent amount of that to make a difference.

Hopefully you have a decent healer, but you're not going to win a drawn out fight against the final boss(at least not if you play any version preGBA), so you need to try to win the fight quickly.

The game is soloable with each class, so you may just need to rework your strategy or level everyone up more if you haven't hit the level cap of 50 yet(assuming Normal Mode since Easy caps at 99), though around level 30 should be enough to beat the game with a team.

User Info: Trigger99X

2 years ago#6
No "I" in team

User Info: kobalobasileus

2 years ago#7
It has been a long time, but I don't remember individual characters gaining xp in FF1. Did you just leave them all dead or something?

User Info: shabaaba

2 years ago#8
Do yourself a favor and skip 2. In fact, if you ever play 2, it should probably be the last one you play.

User Info: knightoffire55

2 years ago#9
I finally pulled through and beat the final boss. He goes down in 2 or 3 hits if you buff your knight enough.
I didn't hear your question but the answer is DmC.

User Info: RocketZXblue

2 years ago#10
on the NES game was level 30 with everyone and having trouble on the last boss
then I went **** it and just buffed my knight up as much as possible and bam boss was done in less than a minute.

on the GBA game was like lv25 everyone and beat the final boss like nothing, GBA version is definitely a lot easier than NES

never played the origins version but if the attack buffs work on there it should be easier than NES version

does FF2 origins still let you do that EXP exploit where you attack and heal your own party over and over?
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