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Do people still play Sony games online? Why is Sony failing every time to create

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User Info: KrautSauer

3 years ago#1
I hear GT6 is extremely dead :( GT5 was switched off already. Killzone & Infamous are dead. Last of us multiplayer got some playes (and hopefully more soon now the maps are free). But most players are still playing the exciting Call of Duty franchise. Is Sony not capable of creating good online games?

Why is there no Ratched & Clank, Super Mario or Little Big Planet online modes that are fun and played by hundrets of thousands of users every hour of the day like Cal lol Duty?
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User Info: HaloODSTD

3 years ago#2
ISIS was created by who
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User Info: baseketballr09

3 years ago#3
Calm down with all these threads. Did you just get internet for the first time?

User Info: Kaguya_Kimimaro

3 years ago#4
It's mainly cause CoD and Battlefield have huge Multiplayer "fanbases", Trust me there are other games out there which have their own dedicated players, but sooner or later, a Game's multiplayer WILL die out, like Twisted Metal for example, glitchy it's trophies may be, and unbalanced some cars were, but that game was still mad fun online, Win or Lose.
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User Info: Dark_SilverX

3 years ago#5
they shut off killzone 3?
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User Info: lambchips

3 years ago#6
Sony games nowadays doesnt have an online MP fanbase...
^ Socom had a pretty good community back in the days

That said Sony doesnt push online mode, which why many of their games feel like the online mode is just tacked on
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User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

3 years ago#7
C'mon only 4 posts at a time on the front page? Whatever happened to being #1?

User Info: Bluntified

3 years ago#8
GT6 is very active. I just spent around 8 hours on Wednesday night with tons of open rooms being at least half (about 8 drivers) full and with mics. I'm going on tonight and I can guarantee it'll be just as active.

To me COD is dying, I always see the same people all the time and when there isn't any local match making, they stick me in a South American lobby. With COD, you have to be in a party or clan to have any real fun and a really active online experience - but it's still only meh.
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User Info: BobcatPride

3 years ago#9
I don't use online ever, there has been a steady incline of the demand for enhanced single player experiences. The last time I played an online game was possibly 6 years ago, maybe a bit sooner at 5, and it was DBZ BT3 for the wii. I can't connect my consoles to Internet anymore because of my neighbors moving and taking their wifi with them and I can't plug them into the wall because of something with my place only allowing two computers at a time. But a lot of multiplayer is just a simple deathmatch, which you can just play an mmo for and get something made for that

User Info: PS4addict

3 years ago#10
Nobody is playing online because its DOWN again!
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