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Is Resident Evil Revelations a good Resident Evil game, and did you like it?

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User Info: Billysan

3 years ago#11
It's got a lot of issues people ignore.

The Jill sections are rather good but that's only like 50 or 60 percent of the overall product.

Much of it is just super super linear action scenarios with clunky movement and aiming. The enemy design was also uninspired for the most part.

Oh and the story was terrible...especially the original characters.
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User Info: completeboy

3 years ago#12
Dark_Spiret posted...
id say its a better "Resident Evil" game than the other newer RE's are, those being 4,5,6 and ORC. since It has a bigger emphasis on atmosphere, puzzles solving and backtracking. it feels like a middle ground between the new and old. It also has decent replay value and one of the best minigames in the series(which is worth that price alone). Tho the game still has its share serious issues. I did enjoy it and it is worth that price, but dont expect the greatness of the older games(REmake or 2) or the greatness of the new ones (4).

exactly this and certainly best re on ps3
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User Info: falloutbeast101

3 years ago#13
Yes, it's a good RE game and a good game overall.

User Info: PS4addict

3 years ago#14
I think the setting is really boring and it all looks the same. The camera is a bit weird making the game not very "convient" to play. I mean, it just does not feel right. Maybe thats just me. I do not think its a good game, but I am not really a RE fan. I already had played a demo and did not enjoy it a lot. But gave in now / bought it with another person together, and started playing it for an hour or so. I dont think I will even keep playing this.

Anyone saw the movie ghost ship? Now if the game would have been like that.. It would have easily been a good game. But maybe from this movie my expectations were just too high.

User Info: DarkSymbiote

3 years ago#15
No and not most of it.
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User Info: JanayBerry

3 years ago#16
I played it first on Wii U. Completed about 80% of it. I then downloaded it to PS3 for $40 sadly. I don't know if it is bevause if how much progress I made on Wii U, or if it's something else, but I like it better on Wii U.
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User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#17
spealfan444 posted...
Played it on 3DS and really enjoyed it.
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User Info: RHF

3 years ago#18
I played the 3ds one and liked the online multiplayer a hell of a lot more then the campaign
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User Info: GXL_Leon

3 years ago#19
Its OK. a little better than RE5, dont even talk about 6...
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User Info: 94mav98

3 years ago#20
Revelations is more or less to RE4 what Code Veronica was to Nemesis. It's not perfect, but if you like RE4 then you will probably like it. The boat is by far the most classic Resident Evil setting since the police station in the second game. It's not as well designed though, but I'd pin that on the game originally having been developed for the 3DS.
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