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The shorter the game, the better.

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User Info: BOZK

3 years ago#1
Everyone in agreement? The longer a game is the more of a game breaker it is for me.

How long is Far Cry 3: Bloo Dragon? Please tell me it's not much longer than the demo.

Recommend short games if u like.
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User Info: djmetal777

3 years ago#2
honestly this. i hate games that drag on forever
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User Info: ghstbstr

3 years ago#3
You guys should play the campaigns or CoD and BF and you guys would be happy.
Now go play them and go away.
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User Info: EbonTitanium

3 years ago#4
Really long games stop being fun after a while, but they are more game for the money.
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User Info: PhoenixRush

3 years ago#5
I recommend Rayman Legends/Origins. They aren't MGSVGZ length, far more than that, but what you get is so great. The only great games Ubisoft puts out anymore.

User Info: ViciousXl2

3 years ago#6
Thicker is better
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User Info: Deadric_King

3 years ago#7
The longer the game the better because you get a value from that purchase thats why I like RPGs.

User Info: FredericChopin

3 years ago#8
Based on this logic, Journey is a great game.

I agree with what Deadric_King said.
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User Info: Adalwulfy

3 years ago#9
Depends on the genre and game itself.

Just being long doesn't mean ****, if it starts feeling like a drag and I'm bored.
Being a fan of Survival Horror and seeing people love games like Dead Space, is like being a fan of vampires and seeing people like Twillight.

User Info: ComradeRyan

3 years ago#10
Bulletstorm & Singularity. I prefer long games.
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