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The shorter the game, the better.

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User Info: Dash_Dash88

3 years ago#21
FredericChopin posted...
Battleship_Gray posted...
Deadric_King posted...
The longer the game the better because you get a value from that purchase thats why I like RPGs.

Some folks play games more than once which more, or less, alleviates that issue.

From reading many of the T.C.'s posts, he is looking for a game that is FPS, very short, and has massive amounts of DLC.

You know its all an act don't you ? This is Greer, he hates fps,dlc and everything about the "modern game" to the point that he has been banned a bunch of times for insulting people with differing opinions ! He has some serious issues.

He also sent pics of his junk to users on here during an argument. But please continue kissing his ass in every topic.
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User Info: Battleship_Gray

3 years ago#22
No one's kissing his ass really. Agrissa is suspended.

Most folks know it's Greer. This gimmick is pretty inoffensive and a vast improvement over the vitriol spewing, moaning and complaining that the board has been subject to for years and it's not actively trolling or flaming anyone.

And really it's not a bad topic. I like short games. If they're good the length lends itself to replayability. I've beaten Contra way more than even my favorite RPG.
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User Info: bizechild

3 years ago#23
I like about 25 hours for a game.

Though really short games are really repayable for me. I've never played an RPG twice. No time and since the mechanics aren't usually fun, the stories passable, I don't see the point.

User Info: Bob_Dubbery

3 years ago#24
Length is not as relevant as fun. If you're having fun, you want the game to go on longer, if you've grown weary of playing, you want it to end soon. Length itself should not be a key part of the criteria for measuring how good a game is, IMO, more of a secondary consideration. I'd take a fun 5 hour game over a dull 40 hour one any time. Of course, it'd be better if the fun 5 hour game had gone on longer, but stretching it out too far might have killed the fun somewhat. It's a difficult balance.
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User Info: marksam91

3 years ago#25
Although i don't love very short games, my preferred length is about 8-10 hours. I feel that most games tend to lose focus if they go on longer than that. Don't get me wrong some of my favourite games are longer than that (Souls Series, Tales series, Deux Ex) but now-a-days I usually look for a game that I can finish in 4 days or so.

User Info: xdifferentx

3 years ago#26
Anything longer than 20 hours is too much for me nowadays..
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User Info: Billysan

3 years ago#27
It's more about the width then length when it comes to games.
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User Info: OracleGunner

3 years ago#28
Flappy birds.
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User Info: brolynick

3 years ago#29
Greer, it doesn't really make sense to say that shorter games are better when your whole gimmick is loving CoD. 95% of the CoD players play it for the online, and that could easily take up hundreds of hours of your time.
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