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C/D: Red Dead Redemption is the Game of the 7th gen.

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User Info: ravenom_06

3 years ago#1
C/D: Red Dead Redemption is the Game of the 7th gen. - Results (146 votes)
32.19% (47 votes)
67.81% (99 votes)
This poll is now closed.
At first I thought it was TLOU, but then I realized I was just still under the hype. And I'm now placing it at the #2 spot below Red Dead Redemption.

RDR completely blew my mind with its visuals, story, and shooting mechanics. It is for me.
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User Info: Kaguya_Kimimaro

3 years ago#2
Nope, Neither it nor TLoU is IMO, It all comes down to personal taste...
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User Info: boxington

3 years ago#3
it's a great game, but out of all the Rockstar titles to come out last gen, it comes after: Grand Theft Auto V, Max Payne 3, and Grand Theft Auto IV, in that order, IMO.

and my favorite game to come out last gen is either: Grand Theft Auto V or Demon's Souls.

User Info: DevilTears604

3 years ago#4
IDK...personally, God of War 3 was my favorite GOTG. But objectively, Red Dead probably is in the top 3. It's definitely Rockstar's masterpiece.
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User Info: Brunozayn

3 years ago#5
Nope,my favourite is still Tlou

Rdr is in my top 5 btw
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User Info: gotalambo

3 years ago#6
I had more fun in Dead Island than in RDR. RDR takes itself a bit too serious maybe? Also still no co-op gameplay in R* games... Same for Last of Us.

Why should you only have fun with a game playing alone?
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User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#7
RDR was great but D. GTA5 was better too.
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User Info: harrier33

3 years ago#8
Call of Duty 4

User Info: TVontheRadio

3 years ago#9
If we're talking influence, it's probably a fight between Gears of War, Call of Duty 4, Wii Sports, Braid, Dark Souls, Street Fighter IV, Assassin's Creed, Fallout 3, and BioShock.

GoW for mechanics and online play, COD for the blockbuster multiplayer shooter focus, Wii Sports for motion controls and mainstream appeal, Braid for the indie revolution, Dark Souls for the rise of the hardcore, Street Fighter IV for the resurrection of the fighting game scene, Assassin's Creed for changing how gamers see the open world genre (meaning not just GTA style), Fallout 3 for the streamlining of WRPGs for consoles that made them acceptable for console players, and BioShock for making people actually consider video game criticism in design and narrative.

My personal Game of the Generation is TLOU though simply because of how it made me feel and how much enjoyment I got from it.

User Info: My_Unit

3 years ago#10
Nope the Last of Us is better than anything that came out in gen 6 or 7 and so far 8. Nothing even comes close and it will forever be remembered for years to come. Cant say the same for RDR
The Last of Us is the greatest game in the last decade. There is no argument. Number of people who agree - 453
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