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What is your final PS3 Physical Game of 2014

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User Info: dragondrive33

3 years ago#1
My Final Physical game of 2014 is of course Dragon Age Inquisition Deluxe Version + Strategy Guide for the game which comes out on November 18th that is if Bioware doesn't delay it again, If it gets delayed again I may cancel my Preorder.

My Recent purchases has been TOX 2 & D3 U. with December I am not buying any games but instead getting new Anime such as the new DBZ Movie Battle of Gods. Which Goku has a new Super Saiyan Form in it.

Plan on spending about 300+ on just Anime, getting burned out on Games lately.

So Hopefully Inquisition will be my final PS3 Game of 2014 that is if it does not get delayed. The game should be Getting Gold Status Soon most likely October or Late September.

Gold Means the game is on the Assembly Line & will soon ship to stores.

User Info: zell81

3 years ago#2
mine will probably be kingdom hearts 2.5
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User Info: shmoogeeoogee

3 years ago#3
Lookin like demon's souls is gonna take it for me
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User Info: Dash_Dash88

3 years ago#4
Xillia 2,Then its ps4 time !
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User Info: Kaguya_Kimimaro

3 years ago#5
Considering it's late release, New wise, Project Diva F 2nd, Unless I decide to get some games around Christmas time.
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User Info: bigtim777

3 years ago#6
Xillia 2 then onwards to Persona 5 and Tales of Zestiria. :)
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User Info: DesertLynx83

3 years ago#7
Assassin's Creed: Rogue unless I get KH 2.5 for Christmas.

User Info: Chibilante

3 years ago#8
Xillia 2 + KH 2.5 combo.
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User Info: TVontheRadio

3 years ago#9
duh can't read topic titles

probably Dragon Age Inquisition

User Info: boxington

3 years ago#10
if the rumors about MGSV coming out this year are true, then that.

I was also hoping for Persona 5, but the lack of news gives me little hope.

if not, then The Evil Within.
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