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What is your final PS3 Physical Game of 2014

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User Info: windrunner252

2 years ago#11
most likely KH 2.5 hd will be my last physical buy this year, but who knows?
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User Info: darkness1018

2 years ago#12
Kingdom Hearts 2.5
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User Info: Onion_Jr

2 years ago#13
Dragon Age Inquisition and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 will be the last physical PS3 games I buy.

But if the last gen version of Inquisition turns out to be rubbish, then I'll just buy a PS4 sooner than I planned.
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User Info: ratchet200

2 years ago#14
Persona 5. Ill get the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 thingy but P5 will most likely be my last.

User Info: SonicRunner

2 years ago#15
KH 2.5 (unless there's something else revealed at TGS for this year, but I doubt it).
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User Info: EnmaDaio2588

2 years ago#16
...Inquisition is coming out on the PS3? I'm still buying games from before 2012 on my PS3. I see myself continuing to buy physical games for the PS3 for a several more years.
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User Info: Kikuichimonji

2 years ago#17
Assassin's Creed Rogue

Probably will import KH2.5 in early October since there are too many games in the winter already. Early October is still a bit of dry for me.
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User Info: CLupula

2 years ago#18
Most like KH2.5, since it comes out in December.

User Info: Bar_bar13

2 years ago#19
Hopefully Resident Evil HD remaster.
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User Info: GiappasBenz

2 years ago#20
Nothing new. Maybe one between Lightning Returns, TLOU, Disgaea D2, or GT6.
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