No one plays this anymore :/

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User Info: MrSoli

9 years ago#1
By no one I mean, almost no one, I realize there are a few of you... I haven't played this game since it was first released, I was either a junior or senior in high-school back then, and it was like the greatest thing, we used to play during classes all the time, haha. Now nearly 6 years later, not a soul. Makes me kinda sad cause I was just reminiscing how much fun I had playing this game, even though I was terrible at it, and how long it's been, so I download it and not a single person is on... Oo well.
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User Info: iscareu13

9 years ago#2
The game was taken down by sierra, and a "clone" of it has been made by some of the long-time players...

i believe its called spark... try google searching spark hq.. i could be wrong with the name though.
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User Info: Govvy

9 years ago#3
It died sadly, :(
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  3. No one plays this anymore :/

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