why doesnt any1 play this game?

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  3. why doesnt any1 play this game?

User Info: Sun_Rypes

7 years ago#1
Kush smokin, dro smokin, put it in the air, its a hood affair, every hood everywhere.

User Info: soylentgreen2k4

7 years ago#2
Many, many reasons, and I'm sure each person will have a different one. My reason: No Assault. That's the only mode I really enjoy playing online, and they excluded it from UT3. So I stick with GOTY and 2k4.

For a majority of people, though, console gaming has taken over. It's simpler and has a much bigger market. Dark times are upon us PC gamers.

User Info: eric_neo3

7 years ago#3
There's still an active topic on this and many closed topics.
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User Info: UnrealLegend

7 years ago#4

Well its impossible to get any better if no-one plays online :(

User Info: ratix2

7 years ago#5
epic really screwed up with ut3 back when it came out. there were really only 3 modes (sorry, but i dont count team deathmatch and vehicle ctf as different game modes), and while dm and ctf were very good warfare was just a letdown, it was basically a gimped onslaught. the lack of domination and double domination, assault and a handful of other fan favorite modes as well as the lack of a lot of classic ut maps, in addition to the lack of good, varied maps in general, led a lot of people to pass on the game.

it is very good and epic did improve on what they started with with ut3 black, but sadly by the time that came out the damage had been done. if they were to start a marketing campaign then i have no doubt the game could become more popular, but a marketing campaign for a 2.5 year old game is about as likely as a sequel to daikatana.

in any case, main reason i dont play is because its near impossible for me to find a server that has people playing where i get less that 200 ping.

User Info: HeraclesGr

7 years ago#6
I actually miss onslaught the way it was in 2004 which was PERFECT.It is what made ut2004 a legend.Plus this new one is more complex(more guns and vehicles,too much data to process in the speed of the fight) and I just don't like it's... aura.The maps,the environment are drawn by someone with a very poor taste.I expected they would work on a sequel like they did with 2004 over 2003.The basics of 2003 were just right to create the perfection of 2004.This one can not support itself,let alone a sequel.If they even care about making ut's anymore they should just skip to the forth generation immediately.
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User Info: johnnyd735

7 years ago#7

this game is a 10 , a lot of people are online playing right now , april 25, 2010.

User Info: luminion187

7 years ago#8
This game is way better than Modern Warfare 2. It's almost criminal how underrated this game is.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#9
Because the initial release package lacked the content that made previous Unreal games so Unreal, and by the time they were fixing it, everyone had already given up, or labeled the game as hopeless.
It doesn't help that people *****ed about things that were perfectly fine like whiny little fanboys.

Also, no assaultwtf? And a general lack of gametypes.
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User Info: Code 51 50

Code 51 50
7 years ago#10
The Game was complete and utter garbage on release. And if you screw up a games release you cannot recover from it later on by patching/fixing it up. I uninstalled the game after the first month and never went back. Just a horrible horrible experience.

From what I remember everyone was complaining that this was a straight from console port with many standard options and features missing. The browser worked %10 of the time, the ping was not displayed, ect. Epic Games/ UT3 Forum was shutting down DOZENS of threads a day from people asking simple questions to all out complaints, that didn't win them any favors with the community.

Many complained about the textures and game looking like it was smeared with grease (probably due to console porting). Weapons where missing, best maps where missing, game modes where missing. And most of all the game looked dull, drab and Grey compared to the colorful art style of UT99 and UT2k3/2k4. Allot more I'm missing but you get the general idea.

In conclusion, Console Port.
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  3. why doesnt any1 play this game?

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