why doesnt any1 play this game?

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User Info: Xenotros

7 years ago#11
I haven't touched this game since release, but when I bought it on release date. Being the huge UT fan that I was, I expected a whole, WHOLE lot more.

First of, many of the classic game modes were gone. I really missed playing invasion along with assault. When I first installed it, I found maybe like a total of 7 servers.. 6 of which were empty, and one which had only like three real players. I thought to myself, okay, it's new, maybe I need to update it, or just give it a chance and let other people jump on the bandwagon first.

I wait two months, re-install the game, and same bs. So from there on out, I just gave up on it. No, I never played UT3 Black. I was just so disappointed in UT3. It did not have the badass feel to it that UT2k4 & UT2000 had.

Not to mention, why the hell did they have to screw the left left / right right jumping up. Strafing sucked. Supposedly IIRC it had something to do with some people saying they could never hit anyone because they'd strafe too much, well wtf? Everyone has to pay for a few whiners. I missed double strafing and then wall jumping away from walls. Man, this game felt so much slower compared to 2k4.

Thats what did it for me, sadly UT3 became a utter disappointment for me. Epic did NOT need to change the whole layout of the game, the game played perfectly fine before. Sure, add some eye candy, and add some new stuff. but leave the entire movement the way it was. Just improved.

Instead, Epic went and rehauled so many things and ended up scraping things that were already fine before.

Look at Resident Evil 4 to 5, they are pretty identical. Why screw something that already works right?


I just really wish UT3 would have lived up to expectations. UT2k4 to this date has still been my favorite FPS game. Mutators, mods, it had it all. It never got stale.
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User Info: Spawnofdeath09

7 years ago#12
Which Unreals have assault mode?

User Info: deimos91

7 years ago#13
lol on the 360 alot of ppl still play player matches i can find 1 at 2 am ranked is a bitt ..... harder
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User Info: Lethal_End

7 years ago#14
Epic thought the UT player base was bigger then the UT2k4 player base. They guessed wrong. Also it didn't help that when someone put a custom map on there server. The server would crash. That lasted for a good 2 months before being patched. Which for a game that was not well received is just a faster death sentence.

User Info: HeraclesGr

7 years ago#15
I agree with everything you guys say except for one thing Xenotros said.Removing the dodging with double tapping left or right is the one good thing UT3 has.I did the dodging too and amongst good players it was very difficult to kill one another.Dodging as defence became stronger than the offence the weapons can apply and that is just not right in a shooting game.A good player can still show ho smart he is without that dodge.
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User Info: Lethal_End

7 years ago#16
Your wrong in the double dodge was static and if you did it in a open area you were dead against a good player.

User Info: leach112

7 years ago#17

soylentgreen2k4 posted...
Many, many reasons, and I'm sure each person will have a different one. My reason: No Assault. That's the only mode I really enjoy playing online, and they excluded it from UT3. So I stick with GOTY and 2k4.

For a majority of people, though, console gaming has taken over. It's simpler and has a much bigger market. Dark times are upon us PC gamers.

I agree with this. Assault mode was my favourite and they took it out.

Onslaught was fine as it was in the previous game, by turning it into Warfare they made it too complex for many people to get into. The power nodes thing is obvious but adding in the orb just made it too hard for many people to understand the mode. New players found it hard enough to understand just guarding and healing their power nodes.

Also vehicles now just don't seem as well balanced. Particularly the Scorpion now seems absolutely useless after they got rid of the energy web attack.

Lastly I just think the look of the game is all wrong. Most of the maps are really dark and oppressive, it just doesn't look or feel like any of the previous UTs.

I've given the game a few tries online but there never seems to be anyone playing, most servers I join seem to be populated by bots.

User Info: Krentaris

7 years ago#18
Some thoughts from a competitive player.

HUGE tl;dr warning - if walls of text frighten or bore you, look away now, or skip to the bottom of my second post.

When the game was first released, I was quite excited, as this was the universally hailed "UT2007" that was going to act as the poster child for Unreal Engine 3, which had long been anticipated as a technological marvel. I was already quite skeptical of the Conquest gametype, which promised vast and sweeping maps and Epic had even considered one map could be as big as up to four standard maps stitched together. As many grand ideas are, this was eventually filtered down into Warfare - essentially a different kind of Onslaught, and I thought the ideas inherited from Assault were inconsequential at best.

After the game was released, it was quite a shock as I had started playing with UT2k4 and as such was unused to the fast paced, close-combat style of the game, enduring much frustration as I struggled to adapt my previously hitscan-dependant gamestyle into a very different environment. I couldn't deny, however, that it was fun. A lot of the bull**** from the previous generation was removed, such as the Shield Gun, which was ultimately a 'get out of jail free' card and served to artificially prolong encounters, and the new movement, confusing though the gravity of walldodges seemed, was refreshing.

There were already a few points of concern, though. Firstly was how powerful the flak primary was in comparison to the hitscan weapons. Particularly in crowded TDM environments, aiming shock primary at midrange seemed pointless when you could instead spam flak primary in someone's general direction and achieve a comparable damage output. The stinger minigun seemed overpowered at first, sporting most of the characteristics of 2k4's primary fire, but with accuracy comparable to the secondary, and especially the dual enforcers were ridiculous. With the accuracy and firing rate provided by dual enforcers, you effectively had the best weapon straight from spawning, which could be achieved by little other than a teammate throwing you his or her enforcer. Also, the amount of air control seemed to be more than a little silly. People could avoid hitscan shots very effectively just by wiggling around in midair, which proved frustrating.

There were also a number of problems with the software. For a start, it was not possible to change the crosshair from an oversized cross (+) with a dot in the middle until that functionality was added in a later patch. As an advocate of the plain dot, this was pretty annoying. Someone did create a program to replace the crosshair textures by accessing the memory addresses while the game was running, but this was obviously banned in leagues due to hacking implications.

The sound also seemed to be quite confusing - people sounding as though they were coming from your left, then becoming silent, before realising they were standing directly above and behind you. Again, this was improved in patches. Copy/pasting, for example of server IP addresses, was impossible without - you guessed it - another program. I still can't remember whether this was ever fixed.

You couldn't join as a spectator from the server browser, instead having to add an extra switch in the console prompt. The spectator functionality itself never had any crosshair, and this is without going into the myriad issues with demo recording. Suffice to say that it reeked of console port, and by the time any significant number of issues had been patched, people had long since lost interest.
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User Info: Krentaris

7 years ago#19
In the end, some of these concerns were justified, and others were not. Aiming hitscan eventually became easier, though I only achieved a comfortable level of skill with it by the time the rest of the community had deserted the game. I actually think as a duel game it was highly underrated - it enjoyed a brief honeymoon with the tournaments at i33 and Play.com, but little else. Odd, as it seemed to be quite balanced in duel. Prediction, skills with both spam and aiming, map control and all other tactical elements were as present as ever, without any shield allowing you to survive encounters undeservingly. Weapon switch times were also slower, which made you think about which weapon to use and where to do so. Ultimately, I never achieved any significant skill in the game, despite my enjoyment of (and frustrations with) it.

In Team Deathmatch however, which for the most part I did not much involve myself with, I felt it was a little too spammy and chaotic for my tastes. Preliminary fears about the strength of dual enforcers were well founded, with some players getting up to 33-50% of their overall damage output from them in some games. Also, one thing I had always enjoyed about TDM in UT2k4 was the tactical side to the game. Of course, pinpoint timing of the shield belt and amp was equally imperative in both games, but whereas in 2k4 you could starve out a team by controlling the weapon pickups, relying on positional advantage and synchronised use of adrenaline, to name a few, UT3 was so fast paced and weapons did so much damage that it was very difficult to hold on to any significant maplock. For the record, I preferred TDM in UT2k4, but actually duel in UT3, despite my comparative lack of skill.

That's my take on things.

tl;dr the core gameplay is good under certain circumstances, but the software itself was coded haphazardly and by the time it was patched to an acceptable degree people had already lost interest.
To see the world in a Grain of Sand, and a Heaven in a wild Flower, hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.
-William Blake

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#20
Did anyone ever stop and think that, maybe, just maybe, the reason the online community is so dead is that everyone logged on, didn't see anyone in game, and then decided to "check back later"?
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