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User Info: deimos91

7 years ago#1
Any info since some is unreliable as microsoft said there will not be a new console because there is no need for one soon so will unreal engine 4.0 be on 360 and what other info is out there
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User Info: KerwenTw

7 years ago#2
Doubt they'll make another one, this one tanked.
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User Info: bac_Alexander

7 years ago#3

All I know is that the engine been in development since 2003 (mostly worked on by 1 guy till 2006 I think). What I heard was that Unreal 4 will be more focused on the consoles though it will still come to PCs. Thats just what I heard. Since unreal engine has been popular in the past, they probably expect unreal 4 engine to sell well again. Doubtful we will see another Unreal or Unreal Tournament game anytime soon.

User Info: greasemonkey42

7 years ago#4
many years from now, they will give it another shot.

Who knows it could be even sooner, they may have time after things like Gears of War 3 finish and try do it with the Unreal 4 engine. Or they might just skip it and try make another when the Unreal 5 engine rolls round (really crsytalballing here...this is many years away, assuming a predictable generation development, but the entire market could be much different then anyway)

User Info: jake-sf

7 years ago#5
Why do you want another bad game? I only want a new Unreal of any kind of Epic isn't involved.

User Info: Fenix54868

7 years ago#6
Wait, wait, wait. This topic is filled with poor speculation by those who seem to know little about the game industry. Are we talking about the engine or a game? The engine has been doing incredibly well in games like Gears of War. There will definitely be another and likely in the next few years, which is pretty quick for the time it takes to develop an engine of that sort. Cliff Blezinski (spelling? AKA Cliffy B.) is the guy you are talking about who gets most of the credit for the engine.. He was like the rock star for video games for quite a while when the unreal engine hit big time with Gears of War 1 (a game he also headed). He's since kind of fallen into the shadows.

As for an Unreal Tournament IV, that seems unlikely at least in the near future as this game did bomb. As far as games go though, the fact that this is a multiplayer only title, and the fact that it is relatively basic mean it is relatively easy to produce on a new engine designed around games of this type. Which means when a new engine comes out it is easier to get a good return on it and possibly might come just to get a decent return on cheap production and test the engine under actual release circumstances. Minor modifications will then be made before it is sold to other publishers.

TL DR: yes and no. engine definitely. game maybe.
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User Info: pepe2004x

7 years ago#7
I disagree with you, this game gameplay isnt simple, if you compare it to the other fps like bad company 2, modern warfare, halo, etc you will see there arent a lot of more elements on them than in this. Also the only simple to make gameplay I can think is a bad, not pulished and boring gameplay. Well,it is just an opinion.

User Info: Lethal_End

7 years ago#8
Cliffy B isn't the one who gets credit for the engine nor should he. He gets credit for geow and UT.(Not UT3 btw..)

User Info: FireFrenzy2112

7 years ago#9
I don't like the moderators at GameFAQs.

User Info: ThePyreThatBurns

7 years ago#10
Tim Sweeney said in 2009:

Unreal Tournament is certainly a major long-term priority but we're planning not to release a major retail game in the series for several years," said Sweeney in a G4TV interview. "So we have that effort somewhat on hold while we work on a few other initiatives.

Since then, CliffyB has essentially said that he isn't interested in working on a new Unreal/UT. Most of the Epic higher-ups who have commented on the future on Unreal have not discounted the idea of a new game but have said that it isn't going to happen for years if it ever does happen. Also, with Epic's new console focus (despite their half-hearted PR releases of still supporting the PC), it isn't likely to be on PC

Frankly, the series is probably dead. At best, we aren't going to see it until Gears of War has wrapped up and the next-generation of consoles is out. Even then, you will probably only get a console port and that's IF their attempts at launching new IPs such as Bulletstorm fall on their face. I hate to say it as I have U1, U2, UT99, UT2K4, and UT3 (all for the PC) but we are unlikely to see it on PC ever again if we see a new one at all.
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