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User Info: Joefatty2x4

6 years ago#1

gonna be playing this soon? since the holiday steam sales are taking place and the unreal pack is only $15. i say, lets do this!

User Info: pallete_swaper

6 years ago#2
I just picked it up and wanted to scope out the gamefaqs community, or I guess lack thereof.
Oh well a good deal is a good deal, but I'm kind of thinking I should have gone with bad company 2, seeing as it got a brand new expansion pack the other day...
"Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you're worth stalking, even the internet has standards." pallete_swaper

User Info: Joefatty2x4

6 years ago#3

yea bad company 2 is a really good game. UT3 is getting a big update for me right now... wonder what it is

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