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User Info: HI_IM_JEFFY

9 years ago#1
What kind of game is Gears of War?
It is a cover based Third Person Shooter.

How much does Gears of War cost?
A new copy of Gears of War costs $60 in North America.

Will there ever be a Gears of War 2?"
Yes, it has been confirmed Gears of War will be a trilogy.

What should I buy? Gears of War or Halo 3 ?"
It all depends on what kind of game you're looking for. Halo 3 is a First Person Shooter that is fast paced while Gears of War is a third person shooter that is generally a much slower game than Halo. If you want my opinion, buy whatever your friends have because both are great games. If you don't have friends, go make some.

I don't have Xbox Live, is it worth $60 for Single Player alone?
I don't suggest it. Gears of War's single player is relatively short and has a very limited replay value. The selling point of Gears of War is Xbox Live play and is where you will be spending most of your time while playing Gears of War.

Does Gears of War for the PC have additional Single Player content?"
Yes, it includes 5 new chapters, Boss Fight against the Brumak, and additional Multiplayer maps.

Will the Xbox 360 version ever get this content as DLC(Downloadable Content)?
From the looks of it, no. CliffyB(Lead Designer of Gears of War) has stated that it is unlikely the PC content will ever be available for the Xbox 360. Epic Games is currently working on Gears of War 2 and Unreal Tournament games.

Why can't I play on Insane Mode in Single Player?
You can't play on Insane Mode until you have beaten Single Player on either Casual or Hardcore Mode. Although, you can play Insane Mode on Xbox Live before beating the game on an easier difficulty if you JOIN a co-op match.

If I beat the game on a higher difficulty will I unlock achievements for lower difficulties?
Yes. If you beat the game on Insane Mode, you will also unlock the achievements for beating Hardcore and Casual.

What are Cog Tags?
Cog Tags are items you can collect throughout Campaign that will unlock you achievements. Other than achievements they have no other use.

If I am playing co-op on Xbox Live and one of us finds a Cog Tag, do we both unlock it?
Yes, if you both of you do not have the Cog Tag, you will BOTH unlock it. If one of you already has it while the other doesn't, the player who doesn't have the Cog Tag can pick it up and unlock it.

Can I check which Cog Tags I already unlocked?
Sadly not.

I am missing "X" amount of Cog Tags!!! Where can I find them?"
You can use the following sources to find the Cog Tags you need: Credit to Nismojoe Credit to Nismojoe

What are the differences between Ranked Matches and Player Matches?

Ranked Matches include:
-Ability to unlock most online multiplayer achievements(exclusions listed later).
-Saved Leaderboard stats.

Player Matches include:
-Ability to invite friends to games.
-Ability to enable Friendly Fire and Weapon Swaps.

What Online Multiplayer achievements can be unlocked in Player Matches?

NOTE: These achievements can also be unlocked in LOCAL Multiplayer Matches.

All That Juice
Purdy Mouth
Green Thumb
Mind the Gap
You Down With E.P.I.C?
Nub Pwn3er

For descriptions of these and all other Gears of War achievements check:
GT: JeffB26

User Info: HI_IM_JEFFY

9 years ago#2
Where can I download new maps?
You can go to the Xbox Live Marketplace an your dashboard and download the maps or you can download them from the Main Menu of Gears of War by pressing X.

How much do these maps cost?
They are free.

If an enemy is downed and I shoot him in the head will it count as a headshot?
No. It will only count as an execution.

I got 100 kills for corresponding weapon/executions/curb stomps/headshots/revives, why no achievement?
This is probably the most common question asked and there are many answers explaining why but the most reliable is:

It's not straightforward and I've posted the explanation in the past. It's based upon a hidden number that each player has. This number is based off of the number of times you've left a match early, fully completed, etc. It then takes the scores posted by each player and decides who with the highest ratings agree. So if you leave early, you will post incorrect scores compared to those that finish the match. Therefore, the ones that complete are believed over yours. However, if someone who has a really high rating leaves while everyone else has a lower aggregate rating, the score will not post because the "believable" person trumps the non-trustworthy ones. This is built into Live and is not controlled by us.

Basically, it tracks people that cheat via turning off/disconnecting and marks them as untrustworthy, so their votes don't count. For the scores to count, there has to be a majority of trusted players reporting identical stores. So if nothing but untrustworthy people report and the highest trusted player drops, the untrusted ones are out voted.

And I believe the trust rating is determined across all games, so you should never drop from any ranked match if you can help it.
-Epic Games Moderator

It is a very tricky concept and is not well known at all. The best advice I can give you for unlocking your achievements are KEEP PLAYING. You will unlock the eventually.

I can't beat this part in Single Player. Help?
If you are having difficulty with a section in single player use one of the following FAQS for help. They will answer all of your questions.

I tried playing online and I'm terrible!! Help?
The best advice is to KEEP PLAYING. Possibly play with friends who will help you get acquainted with the game, weapons, maps, etc.

How do I become a better sniper?
The following video will explain EVERYTHING you need to know about the Sniper Rifle and teach you good tactics to use with it.

Dude, What the hell is Host Advantage?
"Host Advantage" is basically the Host of the game. When you are the Host of a Gears of War Online Multiplayer Game, you will have no lag while the others players do meaning your shots will come out quicker and where you intend them to.

Someone told me Host Advantage makes your bullets stronger, is it true?
No. The only thing "Host Advantage" does for you is provide with you no Lag while all other players have lag.

What is the Host glitch?
It does not exist, if you ever hear someone mention just close your ears and ignore them.

Where do you pick up the Host Shotgun?
You can't pick it up. It is not a real weapon. It is just the Host's weaponry. It is no different than yours except for the fact the host gets no lag.

Is *insert tactic here* cheap?
No. Unless it is a glitch it is 100% fair.

Can you teach me a glitch?
No. If you are desperate for glitches go to
I will not be answering any questions involving glitches or how to do them.

GT: JeffB26

User Info: HI_IM_JEFFY

9 years ago#3
If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will try to answer them as best as I can.
If anybody would like to add to this, please feel free to.
GT: JeffB26

User Info: DDRFREAK2072

9 years ago#4
XBl GT:Flip0024/ My Gears of War & Halo 3 Clan website: my Halo PC clan website

User Info: SeekerofNaught

9 years ago#5
The real redarm?


9 years ago#6
I Stand Alone

User Info: DDRFREAK2072

9 years ago#7
Boss Battle Speed Runs

The grenade trick will be a problem on insane mode but will work eventually.
XBl GT:Flip0024/ My Gears of War & Halo 3 Clan website: my Halo PC clan website

User Info: futurewrestler

9 years ago#8
: o

This won't be stickied though because GFs is stupid.

*gets banned *
WTFOMFGBBQORLYYARLYNOWAI Mass Effect GOTY 2007. Greatest game evar - started Jan 21 2007. (Wii60)

User Info: thebignasty23

9 years ago#9
Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings. [GT Du Sundavar]


9 years ago#10
btw this would have helped around the time of the game's release
I Stand Alone
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