A gameplay guide for Gears of War rookies.

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User Info: Gambler_Justice

9 years ago#1
Since a lot of people thought this was good - I've decided to try my lucky and see whether or not I can get it stickied.
Please do not post until I have posted the entire guide.

Hint 1 : Read the manual - you'll need to know how the controls work before you even try playing online.


Lancer/Assault Rifle:
One of them best weapons for a newcomer, you'll see it less in ranked matches on Execution though. It's still a very popular and great weapon for Warzone, even on more advanced levels.

Melee: You start revving your chainsaw. One hit kill the instant the animation starts, it would be a great weapon otherwise, but the chainsaw animation is LONG and if the enemy has any teammates nearby, you're likely to get headshotted by a shotgun.
It's great for ambushing and if you're playing against people way above you that you wouldn't beat in a normal gun-fight, when you're camping next to a wall and waiting for an enemy to come, jump infront of him before revving the chainsaw! This is highly important, since any experienced player will do a backwards roll the instant they hear the chainsaw being revved, making your ambush useless and revealing your position. To make it simple: Jump infront of them and rev it right before them.
If you notice that people are standing in line to shoot you in the head whilst your chainsawing someone to bits, quickly look for the fastest exit whilst still in the animation and keep on pressing A(to roll) all the time during the animation. If the enemy is slow, you'll roll a millisecond before they shoot you with the shotgun, after this has happened you should instantly rev the weapon again and turn around, if you're lucky you get a kill.
If you get shot whilst revving the chainsaw, an immediate retreat is recommended, your opponent has seen you and he's got his weapon ready - a chainsaw won't do any good right now.
The exception is when there's walls or anything else to hug close by, keep spamming A so you wall-glide, the instant you're next to him rev the chainsaw and he's dead.
If someone else tries to chainsaw you and you both have the lancer, don't rev it! Shoot one shot at him first to stun him, then rev your weapon and laugh.

Gun: The lancer is one of the best weapons in the game when it comes to shooting things, mostly because it's highly efficient at both mid and long-range, and decent at close-range if you get caught(it's worthless in close range against a good player who knows what he's doing, unless you just got a perfect active reload or he's hurt).
I bet most of you who've tried Warzone in ranked matches noticed the lancer fights that always occur in the beginning of the round.
The lancer is highly effective in Warzone before anyone gets the "super" weapons such as the Boomshot. A recommended strategy is to empty one lancer round in the air and perfectly active reload it right before the enemies arrive. A perfect-reload will give your weapon a damage boost and you can easily down someone and get a kill in Warzone.
Otherwise, just remember to keep your lancer active reloaded so you get a damage boost, you won't survive in lancer shoot-outs without the boost, and you can easily take out someone charging at you with the shotgun if you have a perfectly reloaded round in your weapon.
If you're blindfiring, shoot in bursts, don't hold the trigger. The gun has a really wild spread in blindfire if you just hold the trigger. If you're close to the enemy, you can also blindfire by holding the trigger, if you aim at the vicinity of their feet, this is only recommended with a perfect active reload, though.

Shotgun/Gnasher: Apparently, almost everyone's favourite weapon. I've always hated using the shotgun myself so this section will be less helpful than the others and will consist mostly of what I've observed from other players.

User Info: Gambler_Justice

9 years ago#2
Melee: Most people using the Gnasher tend to forget that is has a melee button, and a very useful one at that! The double-melee isn't as effective as it is for other weapons, but you can do something the other weapons can't, melee once, then shoot when they're stunned!
If you ever get caught in really close range with the shotgun, hit the melee button, don't try circling the enemy and trying to take a one-hit-kill shot at him. It makes you look dumb(2 people going right round all the time missing) and it's likely to get you killed. All weapons have a longer melee reach than they seem to have, even if your fists don't connect with the enemy you can probably stun him if you were close enough.
Do not try to double melee with the shotgun! Unless it's very recently been updated, it still takes longer for the second melee than it does for other weapons, meaning you'll get shot before your 2nd melee.

Gun: Oh man. One-hit kill at close range, and one-hit down at medium-range if you active reload the weapon. The gun's quite so inaccurate and bad at long-range(obviously), but if you can get a direct hit at someone in close range you'll either down them or kill them.
I don't really have much to say about the Gnasher, make sure you always have 2 or more empty slots in your Gnasher, this way, when you spot an enemy you can instantly active-reload the weapon for a very powerful damage boost. You can down someone even at medium-range.
As with all weapons, general combat tactics apply, wall-gliding and all else that will be addressed later in this guide.
Remember to blindfire with this weapon most of the time. With a shotgun, you need to be moving, especially when battling other shotgunners. Some people recommend slightly tapping LT right before a shot, so that you're still blindfiring but it goes into aiming for a slight while. I've heard this is to improve accuracy but I haven't tried it myself.

Hammerburst: One of my favourite weapons! Great blindfire accuracy, combine that with melee and you can give a real beating to people in close to medium range.

Melee: Double melee works fine. A recommended strategy is to shoot a few shots in blindfire, then melee your enemy(unless you're so far away the enemy will get a clear shot at you when you try this) If you can't get close enough for a melee, shoot whilst retreating to add some distance - you'll lose to the shotgun in a medium to close-range fight most of the time if you can't melee them.

Gun: A great and accurate weapon, it's not as powerful as the lancer if you both are just standing still, but you can easily beat someone with a lancer by moving around and blindfiring at him whilst the doofus stands still trying to shoot at you.
It's still not as good as the lancer when firing though, so I wouldn't recommend trying to take anyone down with it's fire capability alone. The hammerburst has an accurate blindfire for a reason, keep moving while you're shooting - and always melee if you can.

Longshot/Sniper: As all snipers in all games, it's a great weapon if you're good at aiming. If not, train hard or forget about it.
Here's a great sniper guide made by Mr P Dissler and Dibble155, posted on youtube by the user GearsGuide: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ERDtbmW7DC8

Melee: Last resort. Don't use this as a melee weapon. You're supposed to stay back and shoot at the enemy. If your enemy is careless and thinks you won't stand a chance against him in close-combat, he'll probably try to get way too close to you. When this happens, double melee him and have fun.

Gun: A headshot kills, instantly. A normal torso shot does nothing, unless you active reload it perfectly - making a torso shot an instant down. If you're playing execution you can keep on downing him, the third down will be a kill
Now, there's two kinds of sniper. I have different hints depending on which you want to be(no one starts as one of 'em, so it'll take training)

User Info: Gambler_Justice

9 years ago#3
"Activesniper" This is the easier version of the sniper. A sniper who active-reloads his weapon all the time, so that the instant he sees the enemy he can pull off a torso-shot for a down.
If you want to be one, just keep on active-reloading your sniper all the time. Eventually you'll be able to pull off a perfect active-reload with your eyes closed. Aim for the torso, and keep on downing your enemies.

Then there's the one that takes tremendous amounts of more skills, the one called "That guy who kept on killing me with a headshot before I could even see him".
These guys are way too common, even though they are hard to find sometimes. You can recognize them by the fact that you lose your head the instant you appear on their screen.
If you want to become one of these guys, screw active-reloading. Aim at the head, always! It's hard work, but it'll pay off. See the video posted by GearsGuide for headshot tips.
Also, if you're trying to do this and you get a torso shot on some guy, but don't down him, you can switch to the pistol(or lancer if you want) and shoot a shot or two at him to down him.

Snub/Pistol: Here comes my favourite! This is so to say an alternative to the Gnasher. If you dislike the Gnashers inaccuracy and lack of double melee, this is a great weapon for close-range.

Melee: Double melee works. What works even better is blindfiring 3 shots at the enemy torso(which you can do very rapidly) and then meleeing them. If the enemy is too far away or retreats, you can sometimes get him by just shooting at him. The pistol doesn't have that many shots though and they're weak shots too, so switch to the lancer if the enemy is too far.

Gun: Pretty much same as for melee. You can use it combined with the Longshot Sniper or shoot and melee. You'll rarely get anyone down by just shooting at them.

Boltok/Magnum: Worst weapon there is for one to use in multiplayer. It's got some use in singleplayer for taking out Boomers and other stand-still enemies but you'll rarely see this used in multiplayer, and there's a reason:

Melee: Double melee works. Due to how inaccurate the weapon is, and how slowly it fires, you can only double melee with it. Don't try to shoot someone first, then melee, as with the snub as you'll most likely not succeed.

Gun: Shoots slowly, has little shots. It makes up for it by being fairly powerful even at longer ranges, if I recall correctly, 4 or more shots to the torso for a down. It's got power, but you'll rarely hit anything with this. It can be used well, but there's no reason not to change it for a Snub pistol.

Boomshot: One of the few weapons that almost the entire team will fight for. The only downside about this weapon is that it's the weapon you're most likely to die trying to get.

Melee: Double melee works, I recommend meleeing if the enemy gets really close - so you don't die out of your own shot.

User Info: Gambler_Justice

9 years ago#4
Gun: Man goes BOOM. One-hit kill if you score a direct hit, or land a hit very close to enemy. It's also a one-hit down if you land a hit close to the enemy. The enemy will take less damage if he's crouching or rolling when the weapon explodes - a lot of pros will roll right before impact and often survive. If this happens, pull out your lancer/snub and shoot at them since they'll most likely have taken at least some damage already.
Aim at their feet, the area of effect will kill them if you aim correctly. There's only 2 "rockets"(grenades? I really don't know what it shoots) in the gun, so make your shots count.
If the enemy is close to you, aim slightly next to them or slightly behind them. Never aim infront of them since you'll most likely kill yourself at the same time.
If you get surprised by a chainsaw/shotgun and you know you won't have time to roll back, shoot. Least you'll take someone with you when you die.
The boomshot has a special perfect active-reload, the explosion becomes much, much larger! This means, you can get kills even without a direct hit, and a shot anywhere in the vicinity of your enemy will down them.

Torque Bow: Another weapon I love. Almost the same as the Sniper, except you won't be able to zoom, if you hit it'll be a one-hit kill, and you have to "charge up" your weapon.

Melee: Double melee works. Use if surprised.

Gun: It takes a few second to charge up. You can shoot the weapon without charging, but this way, it won't stick to the enemy which you'll most likely want it to do. You can shoot a quick shot near the ground when an enemy tries to ambush you, so that you can take them down in one melee or switch to another weapon and down them quickly.
Basically, just practice your aim. Once the sight turns orange it means your shot will stick to the enemy.
By perfectly active reloading the weapon, your sight will turn orange instantly when you start charging, allowing you to quickly stick someone with an incendiary arrow, use this to your advantage when the enemy is close to you. If someone hears you've already shot and you're reloading, they'll fearlessly march against you. Active-reload and make him suffer for his intrepidness.

Hammer of Dawn: My favourite special weapon. On maps like Fuel Depot where there's only one of 'em, in the middle there won't be as much fight over the weapon as for say the Boomshot. You can safely acquire the weapon most of the time. It's a weapon of mass destruction in the right hands.

Melee: Double melee does NOT work. To balance this weapon, Epic has made it so that you need three melees to down someone. I recommend retreating and switching weapons if someone gets too close.

Gun: You should already know what it does if you have the game. You aim the weapon and hold in the trigger, allowing the weapon to triangulate. Once the weapon is done, BOOM! A huge beam of.. something, laser(?) comes out of the sky. The area of effect damage will kill anyone close to the beam. If the initial explosion doesn't finish off your enemy, you can move the beam around and try to kill your enemy. It won't do as much damage as the initial explosion, but keep it on your enemy for a few seconds and they die.
This weapon takes a lot of skill to use properly, you need to get acquainted with the maps and where you can aim to fire the weapon before you can even dream of using it properly. I can't help you with this, so just use it a lot until you learn the "sweet spots" that maps have, allowing you to get quick surprise kills.
You can also allow the weapon to triangulate without firing the shot, keep on triangulating and releasing the trigger for a short while, then do triangulate again. This way you can quickly send down a laser beam at your enemy when you spot them.

User Info: Gambler_Justice

9 years ago#5
Frag Grenades: I won't talk about smoke grenades. They're smoke grenades and that's it. No damage, just a curtain of smoke. Use it when you wish to conceal your movements/pick up weapons. Keep in mind though, your enemy's sight will still turn red if he's pointing his gun at the weapon you want to pick up, I've gotten a lot of kills when someone thought their smoke grenades would allow them to safely pick up a boomshot/torque bow. Now, onto frag grenades.

Melee: Let's play tag! If you melee with the grenades, the grenade will stick to your enemy and blow up in a few second.
Some things to keep in mind: Be quick about it, don't try this if your enemy has sighted you from far away. Roadie run to your enemy, stick a grenade to him. Roll away from him and roadie run as fast as you can.
Your enemy will try to either shoot you or more commonly get close to you so the explosion will kill you too, there's a few ways to avoid this:
Wallglide when it's about to explode, you'll get far enough from your enemy due to the speed of the glide, and crouching mitigates damage from explosives.
You can also observe his movements, if he's running after you, just roll backwards when the grenade is about to explode and he'll run far enough from you so you'll be safe.
How you should avoid a grenade depends a lot on what your enemy will do, some pros will make a fool out of themselves by instantly rolling to where they think you're running, so you can sometimes be safe just by standing still. It's recommended to roll and start running as fast as you can, make use of the environment and observe your enemy's movements.

Throw: Aiming for a throw is useless. Never hold the left trigger since the animation is too long and you can blindfire just as well.
Learn to blindfire if you want to throw grenades, you can get a lot of kills by throwing them in the midst of the battle. The first explosion doesn't always kill if they're too far away, but they can be stunned, you should throw your second grenade at the same place so your enemy blows up before he can recover.

Troika: Troikas are useless in multiplayer, don't use them.

Combat strategies and hints:
First off, I'll start by saying that the terms used for different moves are mostly unknown to me. I've used a lot of tactics in my time but never discussed them enough to learn their names.

Double-melee: Just as the name indicates, you melee an opponent twice, or thrice(hammer of dawn) to down him. If you do it correctly, your opponent will be stunned from your very first hit, until he is lying on the floor.
Keep in mind to circle your enemy, especially against someone armed with a shotgun. If you stand in front of them while meleeing, the enemy can either melee back, or worse, one-hit kill you with the shotgun.

Wallgliding: One of the very best combat tactics out there, if you're caught in a firefight and see a wall, aim at the wall and press A to glide to it! Gliding is fast and your opponent will be confused for a moment, after gliding you can either turn and face your enemy and shoot him, if you think you can turn faster than he can. You can also roll right after a wallgliding, further confusing your enemy. If you're lucky, he'll completely lose track of your position for a second allowing you to take a few potshots at your enemy.

User Info: Gambler_Justice

9 years ago#6
Roadie running: Move and hold A to start running. You won't be able to fire when roadie-running, but you'll go a lot faster which will help you avoid bullets.
For the newcomers out there, if you see someone shooting while roadie-running, they're using a far too common glitch called "Crabwalking". I have no good strategies for beating them, I like to use the chainsaw myself.
If you're trying to avoid a sniper by running, try and wallglide as much as possible in the midst of your run somewhere, this'll make your movements(especially the movements of your head) less predictable. It is not recommended to roll, as you pause for a very small moment after a roll allowing a skilled sniper to blow your head off. Of course, if you can roll straight into safety, do so.
It's also recommended that you don't run in a straight line, veer a bit to the left, then to the right and so on. Even unskilled sniper can hit you if you're running in a straight line towards them.

SWAT turn: If you're hugging a wall and there's another one to the left or right of you that's not too far away, you can tilt your left stick to the direction of the wall and press A to perform a SWAT turn. Helpful in some situations such as trying to move undetected.

Always remember, try to act unpredictably, especially when circling cars or pillars when your enemy is on the other side. Gears of War has a psychological side to it, if you know how your enemy acts and you act in a way he can't predict, you'll most likely be able to kill him.

This guide was written by Gambler_Justice.

Done. You can now post, if you liked the guide and think it's worth stickying, please request one!

User Info: shadowgamer_x

9 years ago#7
Very well done mate

User Info: Gambler_Justice

9 years ago#8
Very well done mate
Thanks. I wasn't sure if an inactive board like this needs a guide or a new sticky for that matter, but it can't hurt to try.

User Info: FERGALS24

9 years ago#9
would be a sticky for me, but sadly i cant
*puts sticky note on computer screen*
currently playing-Rock Band Gears of War halo3 XBL GT: Fergals1107
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User Info: Baki187

9 years ago#10
Pretty good, your missing some good points in there though. the Bolok is more than usefull and can down in 3-4 shots 2 headshots takes the head off, so if ya get 1 head 1 body they go down. Pluse an active and a melee work well with it, its definatly not worthless, maybe the most un-used.

Also you should note that the shotgun cant melee twice with 2 "Taps" of the Button, it can if you "Hold" the button though. If you dont hold it it will take 3 with the 2nd one missing.

Also when rolling and running away from frag tag to an enemy, you want to roll away then immediately roadierun in that same direction to make as much distance as possible, alot like the "Swat Turn".

And the troika is only on WarMachine, and can be used effectively there, either by surprise if no one knows your there and they are fighting in the middle, or as a distraction. Alot of people go running for Troika as soon as they see its firing, easy was to get players where you want them if you got a good team to setup something.

Other than that good stuff.
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