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User Info: veronicablushes

8 years ago#1
Union Square, Downtown District

Take out a loan at the Loan Office Activity. After a few days if you don't pay it back 2 guys will come after you. They show up about once a day until you make it to the Peterliner waves - in which they'll show up a few times a day. While you have a loan your on-screen money value (near the top right) will display in red. It flashes when the loan collectors are nearby.

Number of Waves - Vehicle - Weapon
1 - Jackrabbit - Vice 9 Pistol
5 - La Fuerza - Vice 9 Pistol
4 - Bulldog - .44 Shepard Pistol
5 - Peterliner - Tombstone Shotgun
Inf - Helicopter - (some type of auto-rifle)

I did this Activity to get a Bulldog to turn in to the Chop Shop, but the Bulldog they drive up in is a custom version and can not be modified. The Peterliner is also a custom version. By "custom" I mean that they're white and have a "1st Born Loans" logo on the side.

User Info: Frank_Booth666

8 years ago#2
uuuhhhh..... I guess you just got the game which is cool, cause I have been trying to get online achievements with some others. If you're looking for those, send a FR
GT: Frank Booth666
John Lennon got what he deserved.

User Info: veronicablushes

8 years ago#3
Yeah, I spent over 500 hours on SR2, and now I'm playing through this one for the first time. I know I'm really late to the game, but I couldn't find the information above so I thought I'd share it for anyone else who happens to try to look it up.

I don't have xbox Live or I'd join you in a heartbeat.
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