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User Info: Marlan35

6 years ago#1

User Info: Danger24-7

6 years ago#2

Okay Ill add u, I was wondering if any1 still plays this game, I enjoy it more then Halo. And its very underrated.

User Info: Marlan35

6 years ago#3
:D Awesome!

User Info: purevil88

6 years ago#4
Im in purevil88

User Info: hervora

6 years ago#5
me 3 xbl gamertag: hervora

User Info: lethknow

6 years ago#6

do anyone still play this game? I hardly see anyone on the forums commenting! I loved this game on ps3 when it first came out, now i just bought a 360 and wanted to buy this game, but i'm affraid of waisting my money if it's still dead! This is a game no one really played however, it's one of the best first person shooters on the market. Don't know y it didn't do so well! Is there a lot of players still playing?

User Info: skimad432

6 years ago#7

this looks like a great fps ..why wouldn't anyone play this ..i'm tired of halo and call of duty; gears is great but something new would be nice. A proven great game from Epic and nobody plays it online? suckkkks

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  3. Add me if you still play!

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