Tekken Vs Street Fighter: Who Would Win?

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User Info: CeciliaCheung

7 years ago#1

Who would win if they fought their opposing counterparts. Work with me here I know some of em might be off.

Fei Long vs Law

Nina vs Cammy

E.Honda vs Ganryu

Sagat vs Bruce

Zangief vs Marduk

Balrog vs Steve

Rufus vs Bob

Sakura vs Asuka

Gen vs Wang

Akuma vs Kazuya? or DJ?

or Bison vs Kazuya?

Paul vs Ken

Bryan vs Guile or Abel? or Miguel vs Abel

Feng vs Dan? haha iono

Raven vs Ibuki

Hugo or El Fuerte vs King or AK

Chun Li vs .. XiaoYu perhaps

Kuma vs Blanka

Hei vs Gouken

Dragonuv vs Roletto or however u spell his name.

help me out here both games have too many characters, some comparisons seem out of whack. I need a challenger for SF's Alex (not the dino) cause that guy is hardcore.

User Info: TheOriginalMax

7 years ago#2
Tekken characters: Sidestep.
Hadoken: SS, launcher, juggle, wall, more hits, bound, more hits-->dead SF char.

If no sidestep: Just put Ken there and spam Shoryuken.
I hate SCEE
I will soon start hating Capcom too if it is true...

User Info: Another_Denshuu

7 years ago#3
SF characters are all ridiculously powerful compared to Tekken characters. Also, Tekken characters are all slow as balls, so they wouldn't be able to punish anything. Sagat vs. Bruce would just be Bruce eating tiger shots all day, and maybe an uppercut here and there if he tried doing any move at all.

User Info: Hvv0l24n9

7 years ago#4
Yeah...SF would rape Tekken.
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User Info: _HeX

7 years ago#5
The Tekken characters are for the most part realistic (fighting style wise), and comparing them to the people from Street Fighter is rather pointless. If you want to make a comparison at least pick someone who's similar like DoA or Virtua Fighter.
"What does that mean anyway? 'Whole nine yards'? Nine yards of what? Now it's gonna bug me all day."
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User Info: Khalpz

7 years ago#6
I feel like I'm 6 years old answering this.

but the correct answer is Street Fighter
"i was a mistake" - ahmedzub

User Info: CeciliaCheung

7 years ago#7
obviously SF rape due to the fact they can fireball, what I mean is .. imagine if only used their fightings styles. Not no BS tekken vs sf crossover. like sagat vs bruce , he'd murder bruce due to his size. balrog vs steve, steve quicker he'd ko balrog. if SF didn't have projectiles, double jumping flying off walls, they all have their respectable fighting styles. like how would Ken's karate stand against Paul's. Paul is more powerful , whilst Ken is faster. Tough call.

User Info: Otustelija

7 years ago#8

Good pairings, but as stated, pointless to compare... If SF was ripped off it´s special moves, Tekken characters could do much more than SF characters, but there´s still the speed.

User Info: CeciliaCheung

7 years ago#9
speed is what you want to make of it. capcom with its many speeds to pick from confuses everyone on thinking how fast everyone can be. then again we have bob. then we'll have to take in other factors, like personality, size, age etc. someone like chun-li would probably smack xiaoyu around with em massive thighs.

User Info: Ether101

7 years ago#10

Gouken persecuted a waterfall.
Gamers have lost their pride.
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