can you save those people in the beginning?

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User Info: Zazabar

9 years ago#1
like right when that dumb lady opens the mall door to get her dog. is there ANY way to save anyone?
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User Info: Xero_SeeD

9 years ago#2
I once picked up a survivor and carried him ot the stairs and it said he died

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User Info: FueledbyRageX

9 years ago#3
No, but you can use them against the zombie:)
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User Info: slayer19888

9 years ago#4
no. ive never saved any

User Info: DVeagle74

9 years ago#5
its impossible because anybody you bring to the stairs dies.
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User Info: Legowombat

9 years ago#6
I've carried the girl to the stairs, and if you fight the zombies and wait long enough the arguing couple will shuffle very slowly towards the stairs. They'll go as far as the first landing, and the moment you head up after them, they're counted as 'dead'.
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  3. can you save those people in the beginning?

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