Slot Seed Locations...?

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User Info: MuranoSE

9 years ago#1
I was wondering if there was a guide that listed where all the slot seeds or most of them are located. If anyone could direct me to it that would be great. Thanks!
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User Info: Jacobson1275

9 years ago#2
Disc One
1) ipsilon mountains- yellow pot
2)ipsilon mountain peak- defeat or steal from Grilgan
3)Ipsilon mountain mining site- second landing from top break through the blocks
4)sea of baus- beach of wastes ram a magial device
5)white boa engine room- sneak past sleeping guard press button on far wall to open a door
6)numara white square- play tag with little girl and catch her
7)numara main street- behind ninn's boutique climb ladder croos canal go down other ladder
8) ghost town- past lirum's house in chest
9)sorcerer's shrine (dragon shrine)- chest past earth colossi right of boss door

Disc two
10) numara palace corridor garden- pot on second floor
11) tosca village - chest in the inn upstairs
12) tosca village- play the kelolon mini game from girl upstairs in the inn
13) black cave- steal from boss the rough queen (you can steal it and let her flee and steal it again to get two)
14)saman village house of riordan the merchant- pot inside
15)Expermental staff (in the merchant ship you use to get to the staff)- chest down below

Disc 3
16) ice canyon snowy plateau- defeat or stael from boss fight
17)aurora bound train freight car- search sparkling spot on the floor near the boxes in the first freight car
18)Uhra castle sataion square- after coronation scene chest near save point
19)old gohtza western district after freezes over- go down the hidden alley to find chest
20)ghotza low town backyard- kick one of the buckets
21)old ghotza easter disrict after freeze- chest near the end of area behind debris on tracks

Disc 4
22)under sea near western shore of uhra search bubbles
23)arthrosaurus mini game during the four boss fights kill 3 of the and put the last to sleep then search the schools of fish all five of the to get slot seed and other items
24)under sea off the coast of the sea of baus search bubbles
25)pirate fortress- find all of Sed's missing crew (4) then return to fort
26) grand staff second boiler- climd 1st ladder and kick the canister at other end of the scaffolding
27)temple of enlightment- ride platforms to chest in the middle of first area
28)temple of enlightment square of eternity- chest on central lower platform
29)temple of enlightment- beat the legendary sprit sorcerer
30)grand staff mechanical lift- rotate the lift twice on 2nd level to reach chest

Slot seeds 31 to 48 are won in the backyard events in low town backyard in ghotza win the fights and get the as prizes four are normal prizes and the rest are bonus prizes.

User Info: BakusaiTenketsu

9 years ago#3
I think it is possible to permanently miss some of these btw. I am on Disc 4 with only 18 total Slot Seeds and none for sale in the Auction House.
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User Info: whosthemen

9 years ago#4
Christmas came early for you this year Murano! If you look carefully at the first sticky topic then you would have realized that your prayer has been answered.
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