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User Info: Yuki Sanada

Yuki Sanada
9 years ago#1
So is this gonna install on the HD like PS3 games do, or is it gonna be available to buy on LIVE and download to the HD.

I read its 23GB so I have to install only one disc and then delete it when I'm ready for another, because I only have a 20 GB 360. I might need a bigger HD.

Can anyone clarify how this process is gonna work?

User Info: GoufTheTroll

9 years ago#2
install to drive only. im almost 100% posative you CANT DL the entire games off live...
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User Info: mjhbomb

9 years ago#3
PS3 games only install game data to the hdd not the whole game.

User Info: jwbartle

9 years ago#4
Download entire Xbox 360 games? Are you on crack? Games are several gigabytes. Games like lost Odyssey are in the 20GB range (if you count all of the redundant data). High-Def FMV's, multiple soundtracks, it'd be insane to let anyone and everyone download the game. It'd take hours to say the least and it'd just not be feasible in the slightest.

User Info: PaleDim

9 years ago#5
did my HD install today of this game. The new loadtimes are awesome. You only install 1 disk at a time so you wont kill your HD with this 20gig game. It still requires the disk to be present in order to play though. Finally i dont have to play with that loud drive spinning for hours one end.

so far the best thing ive seen on systems in a long while. I hope sony offers this feature soon too. even if they dont its oki because their system is very quiet already.

User Info: Drgon1288

9 years ago#6
The worst part about this game was the constant load times. HD install is like a god send.

But that's just this little bears opinion.

User Info: Prototype82

9 years ago#7
Though the load times didn't really bother me(only on the 1st disc) after the install, the loading times were cut in half. Frame rates also don't stutter as much any more. NXE's game install definitely helped this game out.

User Info: sonicteam2k1

9 years ago#8
how does the install process work for multi disc games? Do you install all disc and only play off one or what? What happens when you get to disc two? Do you have to switch? I thought it would be cool to not have to switch disc since it's already installed.
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User Info: Shagyam

9 years ago#9
you still need the disc in to pla

User Info: EnigmaGamer

9 years ago#10
How are battle related loads affected with install? I haven't done any battles yet with disc 4 installed since I'm working on getting the treasures from towns first.
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