How am I supposed to beat the Ice Magic Beast in Lost Odyssey?

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User Info: SpenSpenny

8 years ago#1
He reflects every spell I cast and wipes out my party in like 3 turns. I can't even damage him since my party is made of casters.

User Info: Rings

8 years ago#2
Here's what I did...

Mack is the only person who can do melee with your current party, therefore use your casters first turns to beef up Mack's physical abilities (powera, speeda, etc.), and have him use combo until he runs out of MP, and use your casters to cast shield, barrier, regen, and throw flara bombs.

User Info: BlueWild

8 years ago#3
Use a power drink on Mack, have Cooke constantly cast Zephyr (along with someone else if need be), and do whatever you want with Jansen. I used him to attack during the battle. :p

The boss himself really doesn't do that much that isn't immediately recoverable. Just keep combo-attacking with Mack and it'll be over in a few minutes.

User Info: SSJ_MC

8 years ago#4
Grounda/groundus bombs, he's water-based.
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User Info: DeathHeart95

8 years ago#5

I used Grounda bombs with Jansen, had Mack using Combo, had Ming cast All-Generate every once in a while in between supporting, and had Cooke switch between Zephyra, All-Barricade, and Cover for Mack.

You barely take damage. It's awesome. Note my party was at level 37.

User Info: kaimargonar12

8 years ago#6
use groundus bombs you can get them at the refugee camp and heal when nessacary I took him out in 5 turns
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User Info: Dawn_Wanderer

8 years ago#7
Wait... I could have used Bombs?! Ugh! I thought they count as magic, so I didn't bother.

I had Ming and Cooke cast the buffs and had Mack buff up his attack power. Then I had Mack attacking with a Bio Ring Ultra (with mostly perfect hits), dealing about 900 damage. Had everyone else on support. Ice Magic Beast's attacks started doing 0 damage once I had everyone with Barricade/Shieldus and Covera. Only had to worry about Freeze status.
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User Info: jwbartle

8 years ago#8
Mack is the only one who can do any decent damage in this battle. Use Powerus on him, and have him use Double Hit or whatever skill he has that lets him hit multiple times in one turn. Have the mages spend all their time healing and casting Coverus on the party members. The Coverus spell makes this battle a piece of cake.

User Info: Riot55555

8 years ago#9
I beat that boss with all of my characters getting wiped out and then Jansen with 2 HP throwing a Grounda Bomb to win =D
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