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User Info: OwwMyEye

10 years ago#1
Forenote: I made this FAQ from scratch, except for some spots which are credited. PLEASE DO NOT POST BEFORE I SAY YOU CAN! I WILL DESTROY YOU IF YOU DO. Seriously. Also, please bump this regularly. I'm hoping this will get a sticky as soon as the sticky topic is up again.


(1) Very Commonly Asked Questions~~
(2) Misc. Items
(3) When can I fight…
(4) Hunter Rank
(5) Wyvern Questions
(6) Ruststones and Ancient Stones
(7) Armor and Armor Skills
(8) Monster Parts and Pieces
(9) Where/When can I Find/Get...
(10) Secret Areas
(11) Felyne Questions
(12) Board Politics
(13) Misc. Questions

How do I get online?
1. Buy wifi max.
2. Go onto the xlink forums ( and search for help there
3. If you have any trouble, ask the people on THAT forum.

Where do I get Monster Bone+?
4* or higher guild wyvern killing quests.

Where do I get Hard Monster Bones?
6* or higher guild wyvern killing quests.

Misc. Items

Barrel lid?
4* or higher searching in the feline barrel place…

Lost Umbrella?
Same as above.

Bug tree or Bug Catching at the farm.

Spear Tuna?
Guild 4* or higher fishing. It’s really big; you can’t miss it.

What do I do with the old lady’s note?
Make the Chef Knife.

When can I get the sword in the stone?
Beat the Rathalos urgent.

When can I fight…


3* urgent

3* urgent

4* urgent



Final Urgents.

White monoblos?
After monoblos.

After monoblos.

Do all quests except Kirin and Wyverns of Land and Sky.

When you unlock Monoblos.

6* GUILD quests.

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User Info: OwwMyEye

10 years ago#2
Hunter Rank

What is “G rank/ G class?”
6* or higher guild quests… HR3 or higher

What is HR?
Hunter Rank. Depending on it, you can do different guild quests. HR2 = 5*, HR3=6*, HR4=7*, HR5=8*

How do I raise my HR?

Wyvern Questions

What’s the hardest wyvern in the game?
It’s mostly opinion. For me, it would be the YKK.

ZOMG you think fatalis is easier than the ykk!?!?!?
He is indeed. In fact, I think black fatalis is the easiest fight in the game. Red fatalis is a close second though.

What’s an easy way to beat Lao+?
Use a blazing falchion on his stomach. Make sure you have high wind res. Diablos armor gives that skill.

What about Kirin?
Use a hammer. When he is using a lightning attack, use the superpound on his body. After a few of these, he should be knocked down. Attack his horn with the triangle x 3 combo. You should win in no time.

Is it true that you think Kirin+ is harder than dual kirin?
Yes, it is. All those gen/ioprey in kirin+ hurt me more than the kirin itself.

What weapon should I use for Lao?
Elder – Eternal Strife, Blazing Falchion, Growling Wyvern, Any hammer with over 900 attack
Hard – Same as above
Azure – Eternal Schisms, TBDS, TBDS, BRS, Dark Punisher, Dragon demolisher

How do I beat Four Horns / Wyverns of Land and Sky?
It’s somewhere else in the topic

How do I beat the Yian Kut-Ku?
My guide included in this topic.

How do I beat Rathalos?

I can’t beat Yian Garuga! He always does a huge amount of damage!
You don’t have to beat it as soon as you get the quest. There is no need to do it at all. You can come back to it later. In case you want to do it anyways…

How do I beat Fatalis OR Red fatalis?

ZOMG I used Ocu’s Fatalis guide and I keep getting pushed around by Black Fatalis’s leg!
That’s why you stay behind his LEFT leg. Silly Ocu, black fatalis is Oww’s specialty.

Ruststones and Ancient Stones

What is a ruststone?

What’s the easiest place to get ruststones from?
Desert 4* guild

Where do I get ancient stones?
Same place as ruststones, only 6*

Will the ruststone trick work with ancient stones?
lol i r l00kin 4 clan

User Info: OwwMyEye

10 years ago#3
Armor and Armor Skills

Where can I get carry (backpacking) armor?
Carry armor is really the backpacking skill. Battle armor and leather vambraces give it.

What makes Monoblos/Diablos/White Monoblos/Black Diablos armor show up?
Horns usually.

How do I unlock the tasset and greaves of Blos Armor???
They don’t exist.

How do I get white sharpness?
The Easiest way is to get Sharpness +1 and use a weapon that usually has blue sharpness.

How do I get sharpness +1 and/or other skills?

How do I make ambitious piercing?
You can’t.

What does ESP do?
You don’t bounce off a wyvern.

Is there any other way to get the rapid fire skill?
Full Fatalis (Red Fatalis armor) gunner gives it.

Is rapid a fire a good skill?
No, it gives you heavy recoil (makes you shoot slower).

Early Bird piercing?
Kill 20 of all wyverns except for kirin, garuga, and the dromes.

How do I make sword saint piercing?
2 small lao claws will make it show up.

How do I get the running fire skill?
You don’t. It’s just a bad translation of Rapid Fire.

Is it true that with the skill Stealth that monsters won’t see me?
No, it just makes it so that when in multiplayer, the monsters will attack you less. With Provoke, they attack you more.

OMG Guard +1/2 won’t let me block gas attacks!
You need guard inc. I believe hunter armor+ and battle S are the only armors that give it.

Monster Parts and Pieces

Where do I get [insert wyvern name here] [insert wyvern part here]?
Use this
or this

Wht Monoblos Shl?
White Monoblos 6* elder quest.

Crimson horns?
Break Monoblos’s horn.

Twisted horn?
Break Diablos’s horns.

Majestic horn?
Rare from breaking Diablos’s horns.

Solid Blos horn?
Rare from breaking 8* guild Diablos’s horns.

Twisted Black Blos Horn? (TwstBlckBlosHorn)
Rare from breaking black Blos’s horns.

White monoblos horn?
Break white monoblos’s horn.

How do I break horns?
Hit their heads until it breaks.

I can’t reach their horns!
Use the ledges in areas 10 and 1.

Why can’t I get small lao claws!?!?!?
They’re rare… keep trying. Also try hitting his leg until he flinches.

Pale Extract?

Combine them with Demondrugs to make Mega Demondrugs.
Combine them with armorskins to make Mega Armorskins.

Power Extract?

Combine with well-done steaks to make mega juice.

Rubbery Hide?

Flabby Hide?

Coral Cephalos scales/fins?
Guild 6* Cephalos/drome.

White Velociprey Scales/Hides?
6* or higher guild white velociprey.

Flame Sacs?
Rathalos/Rathian OR capturing Kut-Ku

Poison Sacs?
Gypceros or Iodromes

Electro Sacs?

Is there any other way to get Electro Sacs?

Stun Sac?

Sleep Sacs?

Coma/Toxin/Thunder/Inferno Sacs?
6* or higher guild quests…

Paralysis Sacs?
6* or higher guild genPREY

Best way to get Wyvern Marrows?
5* Elder Troublesome Pair.

Rathalos tails?
Same as above.

Rathalos wings?
Same as above.

Velocidrome Head?
4* or higher guild Velocidrome.

User Info: OwwMyEye

10 years ago#4
Where/When can I Find/Get…

Where do I find the wyvern eggs in the jungle?
Area 6.

Where do I find the eggs in forest and hills?
Area 5.

Where do I find the powderstone?
Area 8.

Where do I find the sootstone?
Area 11.

Where do I find the goldenfish?
Area 7.

When can I get firestones?
You can get hornet bladefins from the vespoid killing 4* guild quest then trade them to the swamp elder for firestones. You could also wait until you can do the 5* guild quests and do volcano mining. You can get firestones in area 8.

When can I get firecell stones?
6* guild desert or swamp gathering secret areas. You can mine them there. You could also wait until you can do the 7* volcano gathering quests. You can get them in area 8.

What’s the easiest way to get Earth Crystals?
4* desert gathering.

Machalite Ore?
6* desert gathering. 4* desert gathering is the alternative.

Iron ore?
1* desert gathering. Also, you can do basarios missions. Breaking his chest will give you quite a few of them in rewards. Also, if you do 4* desert gatering, then you also get a lot of earth crystals and machalite ore.

Disk Stones?
2* volcano gathering.

Ice crystals?
4* Desert Gathering.

Expand pickaxes?
It’s easiest to get them from Treasure Hunting (Requires 2 players)
Solo, you need to do a high level training school quest. Gunning monoblos is the easiest.


Which is better: Lance or GS?
Neither. Lance just does more damage over time.

Raw or Element?
Raw. Don’t be stupid with it though. If you have a choice between a 357 attack SnS and a 336 attack with 400 dragon SnS, go with the 336 with 400 dragon weapon.

What’s the best weapon for…
That site will give you the weaknesses.
That site will give you the weapon charts. You can choose to make any weapon you want.

What’s the strongest weapon?
Whichever one you like. I prefer hammers and lances. Here’s how much damage each weapon does over time.
Lances > Hammers > SnS > GS > Duals

What’s the best Lance?
True Black Dragon Spear (Dragon), Red Prominence(Fire), White Disaster(Water), Black Tempest(Raw), Gravios Venom Spear (Poison).

Why didn’t you list the best Thunder Lance?
Black tempest does more damage than it.

What? But isn’t 391 raw + 360 thunder (751) better than 575 raw?
You’re doing it wrong. Use this guide to find out how to do it right.

Early game Lance?
Babel Spear, then Growling Wyvern, then grayburg javelin, then Dragon rider spear
What’s the best hammer?
Dark Punisher (Dragon), War Basher (Raw)

What’s the best SnS?
Odyssey Blade (Water), Kirin Bolt Indora (Thunder), Golden Falchion (Fire), True Black Dragon Sword (Dragon), Blue Ogre Sword (More Dragon, only good for Fatalis), Shining Wyvern Blade (raw, only good for kirin).

Early Game?
Frost Edge+(water), Thundertip (thunder), Blazing falchion (fire)…

What’s the best GS?
Divine Slasher (raw)

Early game?
Tormentor (raw)

What’s the best DS?
Corpse Blades (Fire), Eternal Schisms (Dragon, excellent for fatalis), Ultimus Heaven and Earth (Dragon), Kirin Bolts (Thunder)

Early game?
Don’t bother

What’s the best bowgun?
Profusion (light + great ammo selection), Destiny’s Hand (Heavy + great ammo selection), Empr Lao (light recoil [ownage], heavy)

Early Game?
Island of the Gods (light), Demonlock (light), Mountain Eater (heavy)

User Info: OwwMyEye

10 years ago#5
Pictures of Weapons and Armor
Credit to ___Xar___

Male armor:

Female armor:









Secret Areas

What is a secret area?
When you start a G rank quest, you have a chance of appearing in an area that isn’t on the map. This is what would be called a secret area.

What’s so special about secret areas?
The mining spots have a high chance of firecell stones and ancient stones.

How do I get to the secret areas?
3% chance in a G rank quest… There are TWO quests that are the exception to the rule. This would be Thunder and Lightning and The Plate of Calamity. These two take place in the battlegrounds, where your base is the volcano secret area and the only other place you can go is area 7 of the volcano, which is very volcanic this time.

Felyne Questions

What does (Felyne Whim Skill) do?
~credit to Dailchiban~

Felyne martial arts<L>: Dodge roll stamina consumption 3/4 standard
Felyne martial arts<Hi>: Dodge roll stamina consumption 1/2 standard
Felyne Defense<L>: 12.5% chance of damage reduced by 30%
Felyne Defense<Hi>: 25% chance of damge reduced by 30%
Felyne Dismantle<L>: Small chance of recieving an extra carve
Felyne Dismantle<Hi>: Larger chance of recieving an extra carve
Felyne Combination<L>: Combination success increases 5%
Felyne Combination<Hi>: Combination success increases 10%
Great Break: Sharpness reduction halved for "bouncing" hits
Felyne Special Attack: Status Attacks Multiplied by 1.125
Felyne Heroics: Attack and defense multiplied by 1.5 When at 10 HP or lower.
Felyne Aim: Normal S damage multiplied by 1.1
Blunt Force: Bowgun Melee damage multiplied by 5
Felyne negotiation: Increased chance at recovering stolen items
Felyne throw: Throwing knives and stone damage multiplied by 2
Feline Culinary arts: Increases cooking speed by 1 step. Raw becomes Rare, Rare becomes Well Done, and (if cooking on a Gourmet Spit, Well Done becomes gourmet.
Felyne Gunpowder: Small and large barrel bombs become "+" bombs
Felyne woodwinds: Flutes less likely to break
Feline Medicine: Medicinal effects increases, Antidote herb becomes 100% effective
Felyne Felyne Charisma: 6 trades/items from Veggie Elder
Felyne Gathering: Increased gathering
Felyne Frugality: Reduced chance of picks/bugnets breaking
Felyne Supercat: Stamina consumption halved while carrying eggs/powderstone/etc
Felyne Stong Cat: Chance of not dropping eggs/powderstone/etc if damage is taken
Felyne escape: Stamina consumption halved while running away from a wyvern that has spotted you
Felyne Courage: Hunter does not cower when spotted by a wyvern
Ultra lucky cat skill: Reward percentages increased
Mega lucky cat skill: Reward percentages increased further
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User Info: OwwMyEye

10 years ago#6
List of Food Combinations
credit to ___Xar___

The Kitchen List:

1 Chef

Meat Scraps, Popo Meat.

Plumpkin, Ancorn, Twinshroom.

Clamchip, Guts.

Hardtack, Mixed Beans, Webcake.

Oily Raisins.

Dry Margarine, Powdered Cheese.


Grain+Grain Health +10
Grain+Milk Health +10
Meat+Fish Health +10
Meat+Meat Health +10
Veg.+Milk Health +10
Veg.+Oil Health +20
Meat+Grain Stamina +25
Meat+Veg. Stamina +25
Veg.+Fish Stamina +25
Meat+Liquor Attack +3
Fish+Liquor Defense +5

2 Chef

Cubesteak, Spicy Sausage.

Spotted Onion, Ancorn, Young Potato, Mild Herb.

Snake Salmon, Tuna Head.

Hardtack, Sweetbug.

Fruity Jam, Olive Paste.

Dry Margarine, Aged Cheese.

Milk Pop

Grain+Grain Health +10
Grain+Liquor Health +10
Meat+Veg. Health+10
Meat+Grain Health +20
Meat+Meat Health +20
Grain+Milk Health +10, Stamina +25
Fish+Fish Stamina +25
Fish+Grain Stamina +25
Meat+Fish Attack +3
Veg.+Oil Defense +5
Grain+Oil Defense +10

3 Chef

Jungle Ribs, Meatwagon, Wild Wonton.

Cudgel Onion, Western Parsley, Sweet Mushroom.

Snake Salmon, Horseshoe Crab, Octofest.

Sweetbug, Warwheat.

Fruity Jam.

Buffalo Butter, Chilli Cheese.


Veg.+Veg. Health +10
Veg.+Grain Health +10
Meat+Meat Health +20
Fish+Milk Health +30
Fish+Liquor Health +10, Attack +3
Fish+Fish Stamina +25
Fish+Grain Stamina +25
Veg.+Fish Stamina +25
Meat+Fish Stamina +25
Milk+Liquor Stamina +25, Defense +5
Veg.+Milk Defense +5
Grain+Oil Defense +10
Meat+Liquor Attack +5

4 Chef

Great Mutton, White Liver, Dragon Foot, Wild Wonton.

Pinespice, Cannon Lettuce, Rare Onion.

Tortoiseshell, King Squid, Queen Shrimp.


Powerlard, Seafood Jam.

Sirloin Egg.


Veg.+Fish Health +10
Milk+Liquor Health +20
Meat+Meat Health +30
Milk+meat Health +40
Veg.+Liquor Health +40
Veg.+Veg. Health +10, Stamina +25
Fish+Fish Stamina +50
Veg.+Grain Stamina +50
Grain+Oil Stamina +50
Fish+Grain Stamina +25, Defense +5
Fish+Oil Defense +5
Grain+Milk Attack +3, Defense +5
Oil+Oil Attack +3
Meat+Veg. Attack +3

5 Chef

Dragon Tail, Bigmeat, Dragon Head, King Turkey.

King Truffle, Rare Onion, Fatty Tomato.

Queen Shrimp, Foie Grande, Pink Caviar.

Gold Rice, Pearlnut.


Royale Cheese.

Blessed Wine.

Meat+Meat Health +30
Fish+Fish Health +10, Stamina +25
Meat+Fish Health +30, Stamina +25
Meat+Liquor Health +50, Attack +5
Grain+Oil Health +50, Stamina +25
Milk+Liquor Health +50, Stamina +50
Veg.+Veg. Stamina +25
Veg.+Grain Stamina +25
Meat+Oil Stamina +50
Fish+Grain Stamina +50
Meat+Milk Stamina +25, Defense +5
Fish+Oil Stamina +50, Defense +5
Fish+Liquor Stamina +50, Defense +10
Grain+Grain Defense +5
Veg.+Fish Defense +10
Meat+Veg. Attack +3
Meat+Grain Attack +5

lol i r l00kin 4 clan

User Info: OwwMyEye

10 years ago#7
Board Politics

Who’s your favorite vet?
Oww, definitely.

Who’s your favorite legend?

s DS31 a legend?

Will I ever be a legend?

I hate the so-called vets on this board! They have no lives and they only play MHF all day and night 24/7! Why do they think they’re superior?
They have made more progress in the game and they can use the English language.

Does Ortega even own a copy of the game?

Why doesn’t SEF like you or Ortega?

Do the noobs like you?

How can I become not-hated?
Use this FAQ, use the other FAQs on gamefaqs, and try your best to not rape the English language.

Misc. Questions

Who would win in a fight between Lao and Fatalis?
Fatalis. He can go into the air and shoot fireballs. Lao’s back is very weak and he’s weak to fire.

Wouldn’t it be cool if…?
No, it wouldn’t.

When does MHF2 come out?
At the time of this post: MHF2 (US and EU) hasn’t been announced yet. MHP2 will come out in Japan on February 22nd. If you have any questions, ask on the MHP2 boards.

Do ISOs load faster than UMDs? How much faster?
Yes. It loads about 3-5 times as fast.

How do I use gamesaves?
Download the gamesave. Hook up your PSP to your computer and go into USB mode. Drag and drop the gmaesave into the SAVEDATA folder. Ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA. Remember to have a backup of YOUR gamesave, because this will delete it.

How do I Garuga glitch?
Never ask that again. I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.

How do I shot web?
Old joke. Never ask it.

Wtf? Sicko!

How can I repay you for your kindness? You have helped me greatly!
Be intelligent on the boards. That is all I ask.
lol i r l00kin 4 clan

User Info: OwwMyEye

10 years ago#8

Yian Kut-Ku, the first wyvern you fight in the elder quests, can be one of the most difficult points in your Monster Hunter Freedom career. It’s a huge step up from the old “Your First Monster Hunt!” and “Mushroom Picking” quests. This giant chicken is what makes n00bs turn away from the game and think it’s a waste of money. The developers put one of the harder wyverns first. Seriously, Cephalos, Cephadrome, Gypceros, Basarios, Gravios, Khezu, Rathalos, Rathian, and Lao Shan Lung are all easier than it. What’s the reason behind this? I’ll explain in the next section.

Weaknesses and Strengths

The YKK is a small wyvern, so its weakpoints are harder to hit, especially with precision weapons. Its wings and head are its weakest points. As with most wyverns, hitting either of these spots (or even its legs) can cause it to stumble. Use this to your advantage.

Hitting the head is the most damaging area, which means it will make the YKK stumble the most. You’ll be doing a lot of damage and making him stumble a lot, so what’s the problem? Attacking this area will leave you open to attacks. His tail will get you right across the face and knock you across the area. If he follows this up with a charge or jumping peck, you’re screwed. This has happened to me in “The Plague of Yian Kut-Ku” 4* elder quest when I’m collecting Monster Bone+’s. Yes, I got owned by a Yian Kut-Ku while I was wearing full Rathalos armor. If you have a sword and shield, you could easily avoid or block the attack and escape unscathed and continue pummeling the YKK. If you have a hammer or dual swords, you could roll out of the way or between its legs. Feel free to horribly own his head with the hammer. With the GS you may have a small problem because of how slow it is. With the lance, if you’re in the middle of a combo, you can’t guard immediately after an attack, so attacking the head is not the best idea. You could doa back step or sidestep and then guard. When using a bowgun, you should be on a ledge or something. Stay far away from the edge though, because his fireball can hit the edge of the ledge (PMGZ THE RHYMZERZ!!!1111).You are also vulnerable to being attacked by his pecking and “rage mode” activation when attacking the head with any weapon except the bowgun.

Hitting the wings does the second most damage. If you try to hit the YKK with SnS or DS can be difficult, so I wouldn’t focus on the wings with these two weapons. With the Lance, this should be your main point of attack. Using the upward stab (O button), you should own him horribly and knock him down incredibly often. Always stay to his left (your right) because of his tail. Unlike Los/Ian, he can only swing his tail counter-clockwise. Hammer, you can mash the triangle button if it’s paralyzed or just do the hit and run “R” button thing. With a GS, you can just use your normal strategy. Vertical, horizontal, etc… This will allow you to also have a chance at knocking his legs down. With the bowgun… you should know what to do…

Hitting the legs can knock him over. It won’t just make him stumble; it will knock him on his side. After he’s knocked on his side, you can wail on him without fear of resistance until he gets up. SnS and Ds are great for this. You can throw the DS at it or poke it with the stylus or… oh, wait, wrong DS… Err… you can drink a power/mega juice, activate über mode, and just wail on his left leg. With SnS, you can slash his leg until he falls. Yes, all you have to do is keep slashing then go for his head when he’s down. With the GS, you should follow Lunaredge’s advice and “Hit it til it falls.” Seriously, just horizontal attack and vertical attack it to death. Lance is not so good for this. Its second tail whip may get you while in the middle of a combo. Hammer is just awesome for this. Charge up and attack for an easy win.
lol i r l00kin 4 clan

User Info: OwwMyEye

10 years ago#9
This looks a lot easier than the other wyverns, but it isn’t. Why? The YKK is fast. While Los/Ian are relatively slow and easy to predict, the YKK shows little to no signs of attacking. It can stun lock (keep you in a stunned state) easier than any other wyvern, especially when it’s in rage mode. It can do this by pecking you/tail whipping you away, then charging, which it does often. It took me 4 tries to kill it the first time, while I killed Los on my first try. Please note that I have never played MH before.

Weapon Summaries

Sword and Shield (SnS) – Attack the legs and its… err… thing. The YKK will get knocked over often if you use this strategy. Always attack its left leg so you can avoid the tail of death. Roll between its legs or to your right if it tail whips since it tail whips twice in a row.

Lances – Lances make this too easy. Just upward stab his head or wings. Attacking his wings is easier, since he can’t hit you with his tail on his first whip. He’ll be dead in no time. Remember to backstep/sidestep then guard when he uses his tail.

Hammer – Hammer him in his special place or attack his head. It’s your call. Just remember to roll out of the way when he attacks. Oh, and when using a hammer, the R button is your best friend.

Greatsword (GS) – Not one of the preferred weapons. Stay between his legs at all times. Use your “Endless combo” on him. You should be hitting his legs and head. Beware of going too far though. Also remember that you can roll.

Dual Swords (DS) – Not a good weapon. Attack his legs with rage mode on. That’s about all the advice I could give you.

Bowgun – Have you ever noticed the ledges around the areas? Stand on them, but not near the edge. If you’re on the edge, the YKK’s fireball can still hit you. Well, anyways, keep attacking him with whatever ammo you choose, just not normal 1. Pellet is fun, pierce isn’t bad, clust is expensive (210z per shot) but owns horribly. Headshot him.
lol i r l00kin 4 clan

User Info: OwwMyEye

10 years ago#10
Weapon Recommendations

Sword and shield

Hunters Knife -> Hunters Knife+ (1 iron) -> Hunters Dagger (2 iron, 1 earth crystal) -> Hunters Dagger+ (3 iron, 3 earth crystals) - > Assassins Dagger (4 iron, 5 earth crystals)

Description – I used this one to kill my first YKK. Good speed, power, and sharpness. It can be upgraded to the very useful Poison battleaxe.


Bone lance -> Bone lance+ (1 SMB, 1 iron) -> Longhorn (2 MMB) -> Longhorn+ (4 MMB) -> Long Tusk (6 MMB)

Description – Easy to make. Sharpness isn’t the best, but you don’t really need green sharpness for the YKK.

Iron lance -> Iron lance+ (2 iron) -> Knight lance (5 iron, 2 earth crystals, 3 Vprey hides) -> Knight lance+ (10 iron, 3 earth crystals, 3 Vprey scales) -> Knight Spear (20 iron, 15 earth crystals)

Description – Insane sharpness, great attack. You can even continue from it at this point, but I think you’ve just about had enough mining at this point. I’ll put it on just to show you.

-> Paladin Lance (15 iron, 5 earth crystals, 4 machalite) ->Paladin lance+ (15 iron, 5 earth crystals, 8 machalite)

Description – Less sharpness, more work, 92 more attack.


Iron hammer -> Iron hammer+ (6 iron) -> War Hammer (8 iron, 3 disk stones)

Description – continue on from there. It just takes more and more iron and disk stones. Eventually, you’ll need machalite. Going this way, you can get a huge amount of sharpness and attack.


Description – No weapon path? Well, I’m feeling lazy, especially since there are so many weapon paths. You can go down the iron path and through the buster blades and all the way up to the ravager blade+ for some iron, earth crystals, and machalite. It is nowhere near as much materials as the hammer. You can also go from the iron sword+ to the katana series, which costs iron, earth crystals and machalite. I recommend this. You can also go from the bone blade to the agito, but I don’t recommend it because of the lack of sharpness. Another path is the serpentblade series. You can start this from the bone blade+. It requires some Vdrome claws.

Dual swords

Description - You can make the twin daggers from the assassins dagger, then continue on to the cyclone. I’m not the best person at this, so choose your own path.

Bowgun – Make any that suit your ammo. If you’re using clusts, I recommend demonlock. It’s a ruststone bowgun.


Before fighting the YKK, kill some Velociprey and make some Velociprey armor. If you want to, you can go on a guild gathering quest and go to the volcano to fight some Ioprey to make some Ioprey armor. Be careful of the poison the Ioprey spit if you do that. Now that you have one of those, make an assassins dagger. If you want to, you can once again go to the guild and do an Iodrome quest. The Iodrome will drop poison sacs, which can be used to upgrade your assassins dagger to the Poison Axe and then to the Poison Battleaxe. The Poison Battleaxe will last you through all the elder quests. Well, after you’ve made those, you might want to buy some potion from the guy that walks around the village or the lady in the guild. As for the combat, always attack the YKK’s LEFT leg. Soemtimes when attacking, you will hti his ehad or wing, both of which are weakpoints. Make sure you roll under the tail if he uses his tail swing. Using this strategy, you should be able to easily kill the YKK. GOOD LUCK!


lol i r l00kin 4 clan
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