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User Info: Xephon

9 years ago#1
Well, like an idiot, I bought this game in a frenzy of excitement over my new video card without looking right at the cover of the box.

I look at my drive.

If I were to download an ISO (boooo) will I need the CD in the drive to play online? Even with my unique, legitimate, purchased, bought-and-paid-for CD Key?

Really, I bought the Limited Edition with the vehicle cards and I'm staring at the DVD, the Bonus Disk and the Cd Key on the back of the manual right now. I'd just like to know if it'll check for the DVD in the drive before I go downloading a 4+GB file.

P.S. - I could theoretically gank a DVD-ROM drive from my workplace...but, I like my pay check. My pay check which is going towards bills. That will not afford me the funds for a DVD-ROM drive for at least another two weeks. Cannot wait. Must play.
The 6 Inch

User Info: Xephon

9 years ago#2
In case anyone else wonders, no, the game doesn't need the DVD to be in the drive to work.

I "borrowed" a DVD-ROM drive long enough to install it and then had to return it. I can still play. Hooray!
The 6 Inch

User Info: SmIzUrF

9 years ago#3
I do not see why it woulden't. I have done it on far cry. I'm gonna need to do it with Supreme Commander also. Lost my danged disc. Hopefuly that darned game will stop crashing mid game with a downloaded copy. Sucked because I couldn't play online with it crashing all the time.
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User Info: Zweihanderhero

9 years ago#4
I doubt if you can use least if you want to play online.

You can probably install the iso image using your legit key but since warez releases all require cracks to boot up, you'd get detected the moment you try to join a game, legit cd key or not.

User Info: nightcrawler898

9 years ago#5
why not spring for a dvdrom anyway? they only cost around 30 bucks.
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User Info: Dodyddd

9 years ago#6
Newegg runs sales every two weeks or so and I've been seeing quality DVD ROM drives that both read and write going for as low as 22.99 with free shipping. I see at least one DVD drive as described above in nearly every sale Newegg has.

Don't bother with the hassle and the possibility that you might be downloading a copy of the game with a trojan wrapper placed on the .exe file that may allow someone to completely ruin your life or take control of your computer. At the least I would expect people to steal your CD Key using any one of tens of methods. Just pay the 22.99 and get the drive. It isn't a loss because you're protecting your current game and you're investing in the future because almost every current game requires a DVD drive to read. I can't remember the last time I bought a CD game, it's something I don't even think about anymore.

You can look at it this way, lose 22.99 and gain a DVD drive that reads and writes anything you want in the future, with a one year replacement policy Newegg offers for free...

...or lose the cost of the game and inability to play it because someone stole your CD Key. Then feel stupid and buy the game again and the DVD drive this time costing you more money in total. Note that Activision does not issue new CD Keys if they get stolen.
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