is this game worth $30??

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User Info: race_suace

9 years ago#1

hey guys i was wondering if this game would b worth 30 bucks i do like fps but i usually get them on the 360 bc the controlls feel more natural but since this isnt an option for ut 3 and my comp sucks i was wondering if it is pretty good 4 the ps3 i never played a fps on ps3 or ps2 but are the controlls easy to do like aiming and stuff adn i have an opportunity to buy this game 4 30 bucks brand new at a discount store they get stuff from sams and costco and stuff and sell it cheaper so any input is appreciated

thanks =)

User Info: BostonForever35

9 years ago#2
are you crazy?

with the PS3 version the game never ends, unlimited free user created maps, mutators, addons.

the 360 version will not get any of this because even though we pay $50 for Live, Microsoft is a greedy corporation that doesn't give anything for free.

Remember PS3's new slogan about their online. "The fun is always free :)"

User Info: PhamtonPain

9 years ago#3
Must you use the controller? I mean, it controls well enough with the controller, in my opinion no worse than the 360 controller would (although to you it'll feel worse since you're evidently used to the 360 controller). However, I must recommend that you plug in a mouse and play with that instead. In my humble opinion it is worth the $60 I paid for it and most definitely your $30.
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  3. is this game worth $30??

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