Help wanted...Mission 11 DMD Boss

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User Info: forbiddenkarma

9 years ago#1
Allright, defeated the SOB in DH,SOS modes. But cannot do so in DMD. Specifically when he enters that statue. Some say you can buster the punch. Is there any video showing how?
I tried buster couple of times from edge. Couldn't do so. I used charged shot 3 to destroy the inner shield. didn't helped. Just stuns. And that time i'm too far away to do anything. He runs to the corner of the arena. I try to grapple, he sends in those darn fireballs, i try to dodge and run towards him he sends the earth splitter. Been playing for 3 hrs now and am highly frustrated. It's ok with mission 20. But mission 11 is really pissing me off. Run around in statue, which you cannot even harm Where's the style in that?

If theres an easy way, or if any1 got any strategies it's appreciated.on youtube i only saw one video of nero vs sanctus in DMD. and there's no buster punch in that. I tried searching for similar help threads for mission11 but not much information.

Please provide your Mission 11 boss strategies here. Thanks.

User Info: LGDZ

9 years ago#2
I had the same problem. Especially with that "THE SAVIOR IS COMING!!"

I just ended up using Holy Water and kicking his ass.
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User Info: jayx666

9 years ago#3
the opening after the tunneling attack is a very good chance to attack after his shield is taken down, just run in zig zags to avoid the metal orbs, then just jump at him after he dus the tunneling attack and hit him mid air after youve hit him he will fall to the floor like previously.
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User Info: forbiddenkarma

9 years ago#4
Thanks for the when should i use HW, when he exits the statue, or when i take down his initial shield.

Also any info regarding the buster move? or any non-item related strategies?

User Info: the_blood_wolf

9 years ago#5
I have a crappy quality video of that Mission its in a topic called "rate my gameplay"
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User Info: ZTS_vs_Deck

9 years ago#6
DT+IR+Aerial Rave=Win.

User Info: forbiddenkarma

9 years ago#7
Couldn't locate the video Blood wolf. can u post the link pls
I think that topic disappeared...Anyway, after watching the video that I'm sure he'll probably post the link to, I suggest you go through the easier modes to practice the timing on it. It's just before he slams hit fist down, but if you're successful, you're good to do some ownage on the boss.
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User Info: revanninja

9 years ago#9

I have done the Buster punch do it just as the statue pulls back his arm then Buster on the ground the timing might need to a little tweaked but that is the general area.

It worked on SoS but I am not yet on DMD but I don't see why it shouldn't work the same at least for the punch.

If you do the punch Sanctus comes flying out then stands around for a few seconds Buster him and then repeat it works really well.

User Info: the_blood_wolf

9 years ago#10
It did get deleted, Sorry.

Its on youtube basically) search for devil may cry 4 mission 11 or whatever, my user name is The_bloody_wolf_samurai on it.

Sorry I cant copy and paste (on a Wii =( )
PSN: End_of_Eden, MSN: Feel free to add me!
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