Devil May Cry 5- An actual concievable storyline.

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User Info: scmantis

9 years ago#1

I've been wondering for a while, reading different people's opinions. What will the BEST, not the most likely dmc5 turn out to be?

Vergil. Regardless of whether people want him in or not (I think the majority of people do) will need to come back, albeit subtly. The game doesn't quite feel as brilliant without him but many are scared in a fashion that he can return. But I think if he does, he won't exactly be a DMC3 Vergil, closer to Nelo Angelo. This implied strongly through Nero's Spiritual Devil Trigger.

Nero should, I'm not saying will, be Vergil's son, and Vergil at the end of DMC1 will somehow have latched onto him. After all, Vergil didn't exacly die in his final fight with Dante, his death was left very ambiguous. He didn't exactly teleport off like he did in the previous two fights, nor did his body merely fall and die. My guess is, he was in pretty bad shape and somehow his essence latched on to Nero, his own bloodline, his father's devil bloodline in its time of need. This will be why Nero is heavily speculated to be Sparda's descendant and why he cannot exactly gain access to his own demonic devil trigger, because he is only one quarter demon. The genes will have weakened.

It was right that Vergil didn't come back in DMC4. They opted for the subtle approach methinks. However DMC4 had left enough room for it happen.

Now, for the plot to DMC5.

I think there is one thing the creators strongly haven't played upon yet, and as oppossed to the cliched human villains seeking to gain power from the strongest demonic being, it would make a good replacement villain. And that is, which demon was it that exactly killed Dante and Vergil's mother? Of course, Mundus probably ordered the killing to eliminate Sparda's offspring but which demon did he send to do it? A general of some kind? Pretty important task.

I think the main villain for DMC5 should be that Devil. And he should not so much seek to gain power. He should seek to overthrow the weakened Demon King Mundus. Dante and Nero should seek to stop him.

Two seperate storylines would be ideal, but unrealistic in my opinion, given that its PS3 we're talking about. It would take forever. However, we're going for what SHOULD be, so we'll pretend it can happen.


It should be the past. The best way to introduce Vergil and this new villain is not through sudden, horrific expositional scenes, it should be through quick glimpses into the past. That way we are at least prepared for it.

The first scene should be Dante and Vergil- children. It should be their birthday. They should be fighting over cake (the first memory of Dante's when he defeats Nelo Angelo). This should be the same moment the Demonic Demon General appears. Eva hides Dante under a bed, and Vergil in a closet. She is then slaughtered, but Vergil, from his perspective is the only one that actually sees it happen.

From the close-up of his face the scene should then change to when Vergil is older, before DMC3. There should be a love interest, a woman. He should be colder, yet not too cold as of yet. He has a son, Nero, a small baby at this point. The same demon should then come back. Vergil tries to defeat him but he is too weak. The woman is killed, and in the confusion of this second attack, he should assume Nero is dead. Hence why he is found later and adopted and why Vergil does not search for him. (This moment should also be the awakening of his devil trigger)

The scene changes. He is now cold ruthless, and bent on the hunt of this one demon. He now meets Arkham and seeks to gain power, but the soul purpose is for the slaying of this one demon. They make an agreement.

The scene changes to Temin-ne-Gru. He is duelling Dante. Dante defeats him, he falls.

The scene changes. Hell. He has just lost to Mundus. Mundus offers him a chance to live and to achieve power. He if forced to accept, the transformation into Nelo Angelo.

The scene changes. Nelo Angelo is slaying the Order, a mission for Mundus. He then encounters his son, Nero, a boy. He realises who he is, then (sort of like the pendant thing in DMC1) he backs off. Nero remembers the Dark Knight.

Finally, Nelo Angelo is duelling Dante in their last fight on Mallet. Dante defeats him, Vergil freaks out, and because he is so badly injured, he ends up flying a long distance away in the form of the strange blue energy into Nero. Nero obtains the Devil Bringer. The backstory is now nicely wrapped up and also set to begin for both storylines.

I think that is the perfect storyline.

Anyway, Nero's Story first. There should be twenty missions in each story.

From that last scene with Vergil, we now see Nero older. He is on a mission. Demons surround him. Hence begins missions 1 and 2. He must slay the demons. At the end of mission 2, he is attacked by the General Demon. His arm reacts badly. He pursues.

On mission 3 he should meet Dante. Nero should fight the demon first. As he is defeated, his arm and the Yamato should react badly and he should pass out. Dante then takes over the fight.

After recovering, each one should seek to hunt the General Demon their seperate ways. By Mission 7, Nero encounters the General again, learn of whatever scheme he is concucting. Nero then loses but his Devil Bringer freaks out and Vergil is finally reawakened, his essence should leak out of the Yamato and Nelo Angelo reforms, taking the Yamato from Nero. Nelo in his usual melancholy manner should remain masked and not say a word. Yet, Nero recognises the Dark Knight. The two fight, (with Nero losing his DT) and Nero loses. Vergil spares his life. Then teleports off in his usual way.

Missions 8 through to 12 Nero continues his quest without DT. However, on his way he attains a new power. And whilst it isn't DT, it should be something to make up for it. (Not integral to the plotline).

By Mission 13, Nero finds a weakened Dante talking to an unmasked Vergil. Now Vergil is speaking once more, Nero discovers he is Vergil's son. The two fight once more. Nero loses again.

Vergil leaves in search of The Force Edge. However he has taken Dante's perfect Amulet. During this time, The General demon also succeeds in his scheme to unlock the demon realm. His intention to overthrow a weakened Mundus still standing.

Mission 14-17, Nero follows the General and enters the Demon World.

Mission 18, in the Demon World Nero encounters Vergil (most of his armour is now stripped, he is now a scarred version of his former self). They duel once more, only this time they come to a draw. Vergil praises Nero but leaves, stating he has to defeat the Devil that slaughtered both of their loved ones. Nero, learning that the General killed his mother suddenly develops an urge for revenge.

Mission 19, Nero encounters the General in a chamber with the weakened Mundus. They duel and Nero defeats him. However, as Dante and Vergil arrive on the scene, the General takes over Mundus' former powers and becomes an all new being.

He is almost undefeatable and heads off to return to the human world, to wreck havoc. However, Vergil steals the Force Edge from Dante and becomes Sparda. He flies after him.

Mission 20- You are Vergil. The battle begins between Vergil and the General. The General is defeated, Vergil is weakened. In the last scene, Vergil dies. Dante mourns his death and decides to leave Vergil's half of the amulet back with him in the underworld.

In Nero's last scene- Nero is at his father and mother's grave. Kyrie arrives and comforts him.


After the same opening scenes, Dante should be looking at something, a photo perhaps of his family, Eva and Vergil when they were younger. A call comes in saying some devils have been spotted, he, Trish and Lady go their seperate ways to deal with it.

Missions 1 and 2- Dante fights the Devils.

Missions 3- He finds their leader, The General and a wounded Nero. Baring in mind Dante has no memory of this demon, they duel. But in the end the demon escapes. Dante helps Nero up and the two go their seperate ways to fight.

Missions 4-6 should deal with Dante hunting the demons. However, by mission 7 he is suddenly attacked by a ressurected Nelo Angelo. A brief glance, almost of disbelief and the two duel. At the end, Vergil wins. He unmasks himself but spares Dante, since he realises Dante does not have the Sword of Sparda. Dante asks why he needs it so much, Vergil does answer. He merely comments on Dante's weakness.

Mission 7- Dante, knowing Vergil's agendas from the past finds Trish and the two of them agree to split the amulets and Sparda in three. Lady takes Vergil's amulet. Dante takes his half and Trish keeps the Force Edge. They continue the search for The General and on the way learn of The General's plan to return to the demon realm and take over the underworld.

Missions 8-12 Dante goes his seperate way from the others to stop The General. However, at the end cutscene for Mission 12, Vergil finds Lady and steals "what belongs to him" back. Trish and the Force Edge remain undiscovered.

Mission 13- Dante is slaying demons and Vergil appears once more. They duel. Dante loses again. Dante again asks why Vergil is doing this, and finally he learns of Vergil's true vengeance and the General who killed their mother. Vergil claims Dante should have done the task ages ago. He then takes Dante's half of the Amulet. Nero arrives, and loses to the Unmasked Vergil again. The demonic realm is opened. Dante and Nero once more head their seperate ways.

Mission 14-17, Dante goes his own way to enter the demon world. However, before he enters he finds Trish. Trish gives him the Force Edge, saying he should have it more. He then takes it as a new weapon.

Mission 18- In the demon world, Dante is the first to encounter The General. The two duel. But the General manages to escape.

Mission 19- On the way trhough the demon world, Vergil appears once more. This time he is without armour, closer to looking like his former self. The two duel, with Dante coming out the winner. They then agree to an uneasy alliance once more and proceed to destroy the enemy they have most in common. In Mundus' chamber, they find Nero has the General weakened, but The General finally extracts a fallen Mundus' power and becomes a whole new being. Vergil slyly then steals the Force Edge from Dante and attains the power of Sparda at long last, he then pursues the Demonic General.

Mission 20- You play as Vergil. The same as Nero's mission twenty. The ending is the same, Vergil dies. However, at the end Dante brushes it off and heads back to slaying demons.

And that is what I think Devil May Cry 5 should be like.

User Info: scmantis

9 years ago#2
Does anyone else have any decent suggestions? Perhaps other elements that have gone undiscovered throughout the series so far and would be interesting to explore?

User Info: DanteDevils

9 years ago#3
Jesus I think I write less for my papers.
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User Info: DanteDevils

9 years ago#4
Ok why the hell is Vergil gonnna Steal Sparda, and vergil dying and Dante leaving the amulet would be extremely repetitive considering he is already dead.
"The real reason Jonah hates me... is because I'm black! ....................................... Kidding. Sorry" - The Amazing Spider-Man

User Info: lasberry

9 years ago#5
Do we assume the that Vergil meets this ladyfriend in Hell? I would think she would have to be a demon or...something. I like the idea but how about making Vergil go on a Yamato finding mission? Maybe you said that already, I admit I skipped the mission motivations listed above.

User Info: LittleBoyDeath

9 years ago#6
Why are we assuming that this came will take place after DMC4?
Anyhow, I would like to have Dante back in focus in the next game. And I' dd like more unlockable features like alternative costumes. I've always been a fan for alternative costumes. And if they happened to throw in another playable male character he'd better not have white hair.

User Info: Xtreme65

9 years ago#7
I'm skeptical about having Vergil come back. As if he comes back as you say he does. I would believe that Nero would lose the Devil Bringer and therefore lose what makes him unique. I like the idea of your main villain but I think that Eva was killed by a whole bunch of grunts and not some powerful devil. I could be wrong but who knows.

User Info: Goten1010

9 years ago#8
Though I do not hope this comes to mind from Capcom... I have this feeling that Nero was the "gateway" that opened the possibility that Sparda had more than just twins with one woman. What if Nero is a son of Sparda? Could that also mean that there are other sons of Sparda out there that not even Dante and Vergil knew about that can be their half brothers or so. After all, Dante did say that he did not know much about his own father in this game. Again, I really hope Capcom is not thinking about that. It feels too Metal Gear Solid type.
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User Info: DanteDevils

9 years ago#9
Well I think Sparda's image would be kinda tainted if he actually hooked up with women after Eva seeing as how Nero is younger than Dante but Nero is a "descendant" so maybe he got some chick preggers like a 1000 years b4 and didnt kno about it and Nero is from her line. I dont think Nero is gonna be Dante's half brother and yes I hope he isnt a clone.

But really if he really got another chick preggers after Eva, that totally defiles Sparda being able to love a human thing imo.
"The real reason Jonah hates me... is because I'm black! ....................................... Kidding. Sorry" - The Amazing Spider-Man

User Info: GrrMan

9 years ago#10
Didn't it say in the manual that Nero absorbed Vergil's soul from a wound in his arm?
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