Easy way to kill Radec

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User Info: yoda_smokes

8 years ago#1
On normal difficulty I killed Radec using only my pistol and knife.
Stay on the balcony where the battle starts and pull out your knife keep hacking away and after a while he will teleport down the bottom pull out your pistol and fire away, soon he will teleport back up top then you pull out your knife again. Easy way to kill him and get the trophy for doing it in under 20 min

User Info: Zeokens

8 years ago#2
Knife and sniper rifle sufficed for me.
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User Info: carloravelli

8 years ago#3
Shotgun in corner is a win.
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User Info: NOLryebread

8 years ago#4
I just used knife and used the hig assault rifle for easy distance shots.
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User Info: spence1988

8 years ago#5
knifed him up top, ran around in circles with hig assault until he went back up, got close - grenade, couple of shots, done.

User Info: landofdan2

8 years ago#6
run round in circles with a shotgununtill he appears , was getting three shots on him at a time, keep shooting even when hes dissapearing.

then sniper.

quite easy in the end.
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User Info: spence1988

8 years ago#7
Gotta love how he learned to load a gun while firing it at the same time there at the end of it lol

User Info: diob1

8 years ago#8
yes keep moving/rotating and equip a shotgun and wait for him to taunt/say something. that's when he starts running at you and you show him your little friend.
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User Info: xxamnn

8 years ago#9
Good advice. However if you do any of these things he will continuously throw lightning grenades at you.

Or he will stand and stab you to death in the corner.

If you run around and shoot him, he will appear behind you and instantly kill you after 5 minutes. Or he will appear across the room and gun you down instantly.

So really how do you beat this guy?
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User Info: Doolz2024

8 years ago#10
How many shots does it take to kill him?
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