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User Info: Satanmar

9 years ago#1


Any news on if Studio Liverpool will be working on a new Formula One game on the PS3?

The game is seriously underated, Still one of my most played games on PS3.

Would hope to hear something for the new season of F1.

User Info: Satanmar

9 years ago#2
Although I know there working on Wipeout HD aswell!

User Info: alexcool79

9 years ago#3
Last i read was that Lewis had signed a deal with EA to be their cover boy. But i've heard or read nothing else.

User Info: jobber2022497

9 years ago#4

Any news on if Studio Liverpool will be working on a new Formula One game on the PS3?

They won't. 50 employees from there were sacked almost a year ago, as SCEE couldn't afford to renew their license after their four-year deal expired in 2006.
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User Info: alexcool79

9 years ago#5
My guess is that EA will make an racing game without F1 properties.

User Info: icelt

9 years ago#6
After reading this I give up, I now have zero idea WTF is going with this license.

"Former Microsoft exec Peter Moore joined EA Sports as president last July. In his most recent blog post, Moore addressed the rumour that EA Sports might pick up the license to Formula One, stating that although he is a big fan of the sport, the licence just isn't available.

"The excitement that Lewis Hamilton has brought to the sport, and its vast global appeal, make it an appealing game licence, but as of right now it is not available," he detailed.

"Maybe in a few years the situation will change, but until then we fully respect the rights held by our partners at Sony.""
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User Info: Limonadi

9 years ago#7
F1 game license not avaivable? WTF!

User Info: jojash

9 years ago#8

User Info: Zoomer30

9 years ago#9
Well if EA makes F1 racing this year, I will NOT BUY. nothing worse than trying to race at 10 fps.

User Info: metalgear-solid

9 years ago#10
Well, all I can say is that EA Sports have confirmed that they WILL NOT be making the new Formula One game.

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