Is this game scary?

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User Info: Annikai

9 years ago#11
*spoiler I guess*

The first time a Menial jumped on me I almost crapped my pants. It was kind of funny because I actually screamed.
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User Info: ThatPerson

9 years ago#12
It was for me at times. But only briefly, like when something randomly popped up.

That giant thing in the level with all the vaults (Sorta forgot the details. But it made huge tunnels everywhere) freaked me out when it bursted through the walls.
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User Info: ViolenceRatedM

9 years ago#13
omg me 2! i hate that part and im still on that part.. i hate that! ihate when those bitey chimera jump on u and u gotta shake controla that freaks me out man

User Info: Eo1spy

9 years ago#14

The only level where i was constantly on the edge of the sofa was Chesire, *shudder* just thinking about it now scares me, the worst part is that it is almost completely silent, save for the dripping of a pipe.....

The rest, though, was alright.

User Info: _Akiba_

9 years ago#15
I wish rfom was online split screen ;_; makes campaign so much more fun.

User Info: Novus_Grimnir

9 years ago#16
As far as FPS go there are scarier games out there. Biohazard, for example, maintains a fairly chilling atmosphere throughout, with plenty of scripted creepiness - the first encounter with a houdini slicer, the female spider slicer that talks to you throughout a level, etc. The world in RFoM is bleak but not terrifying.

There are a couple of levels where you'll be wondering what's around the next corner, but as for enemies that actually jump out at you? There are only a few moments.
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User Info: neung123

9 years ago#17
Before I played this game I thought it was gona be scary ass but when you play it like 3 times around you know whats where and you're less scared but the first time was pretty jumpy
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User Info: Pur3evil666

9 years ago#18
Same with me with the menial thing, I just got the game yesterday, started the first Grimsby level with the conversion centre. Saw these menials loading stuff into this thing. I walked near to them and shot 1. The other one started lumbering towards me, I thought it was funny because it was so slow and then it jumps on me and starts eating my face. I totally freaked and just yelled at the top of my voice.

User Info: _Akiba_

9 years ago#19
^^ NICE!

User Info: canuck19

9 years ago#20

Annikai posted...
*spoiler I guess*

The first time a Menial jumped on me I almost crapped my pants. It was kind of funny because I actually screamed.
Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun.

lol same here

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