BlackList PK'ers from Volume 1

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User Info: smk4813

7 years ago#1
I'm done with the main events in the first game, and now I'm just wrapping up all the post-game quest stuff/leveling up and what not. Where can I find the blacklisted PK'ers from the Bounty Hunter Quest? I've found a few and destroyed them, but I just can't find the others. I've gone to tons of areas and killed other PK'ers, but no blacklisters.

Some area words would be appreciated or someone point me to a FAQ that has all the locations layed out. Thanks.

User Info: Sinner2501

7 years ago#2
Go into an area with Berserker in it. Keep going into the battle areas. You'll have to do a few battles between each Blacklisted PK.
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