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User Info: The_Djoker

5 years ago#1
Best action game ever made!

User Info: XgArrancar

5 years ago#2
I would tell you to just go to iberiansngrealm but for whatever reason the forum there is down.
"Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"

User Info: magx

5 years ago#3
Best game ever, period, imo :)
Gaming, Atheism and Skepticism Blog:
Ninja Gaiden Black is the best game ever. I want Dynamite Cop XBLA!!!

User Info: MrBrrumpkins

5 years ago#4
I have ashamed the ninja community. I made it to ch.15 on MN and just stopped playing. I think it was due to the fact that the great bridge FC kicked my ***. Damn berserkers and I beat the 80 on VH, funny. Beating all of the challenges thus far, only to be stopped in such dishonor. Well, I'm doing some cleaning up and I will prob hook up the ol' xbox to the tv and finish my mission. NGS was satisfying, but NGS2......I was very upset. I only beat it on the normal setting, but I found it to be too easy. Perhaps that was due to my previous ninja training. I will only return when I have appeased the NINJA GODS!

User Info: smeech8000

5 years ago#5
If you can handle the Stadium Challenge on MN, then the GBC should be cake. The only issue is the 40 True Imps at the beginning, but you should be able to Inferno spam/UF your way through that with a bit of trouble.

Ogres - take 'em out, one at a time. Dabi combos FTW.

Berserkers - same thing, nothing you haven't seen before. Remember to control the camera to keep only one onscreen at a time so you don't get fireballed/lavapooled to death. I like to use Flails+Potency >YYY (Ripping Thunder) since it's quick and tends to get blocked less than Flaming Whirlwinds with the heavies.

User Info: MrBrrumpkins

5 years ago#6
yeah, that's exactly how I do it. The ogres are extremely easy. The imps are a pain at times, but I usually beat them with fairly quick. I use that same move against the berserkers with the amulet to augment the kicks, but when I stopped playing I tried a few times and kept on losing. I will give it a another crack soon.

User Info: XgArrancar

5 years ago#7
I only got into 3 challenges in my previous playthroughs. The hall in the aqua-duct and the pill bug challenge, and the one at the really large staircase. I didn't do much wandering around, so i guess thats why i never found the others.
"Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"

User Info: RPGNinja123

5 years ago#8
This is probably my favorite game of all time as well but sadly I don't have as much time as I used to so getting back into it would probably be a chore but god this is my baby!
Destroyer of Trolls and other assorted things. ^_^ (Because I have as much time as a Troll, I am able to deal with them effectively)

User Info: ShinCougar

5 years ago#9
I am honored to be among a fine class of Shinobi here! (don't hate on my use of 'shinobi') I am mearly ranked as a Ninja Dog, but i have picked up & started again to experience true gaming zen! Long live Itagaki-san! Neither NG nor this board will die!
XBL gt: xBushinRyuCat x - PSN id: xBushinRyuCaT_ x - 3DS:0473 7774 1262

User Info: JCuster

5 years ago#10
Bump, for my ninjas...
Playing: Batman Arkham City, RE4 HD, Ninja Gaiden 2, Vanquish, MK 2011. God of War PS2 HD, ICO/ SOC HD, Bloodrayne Betrayal.
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