So what was his emotion?

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User Info: krotoslol

9 years ago#41
I got one...
The video game hero 0.0
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User Info: aoshi_shinumori

9 years ago#42
the movie, the cellphone, the pizza, the future, the past, the present, the lord of the rings, the ring, the man, the egg, the food, the snake, the game, the codec, the tomato, the onion, the playstation, the controller, the chicken, the gun, the telephone, the ak-47, the television.. whatever! one thing is for sure though.... his title has "THE" in the beginning.... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

User Info: aoshi_shinumori

9 years ago#43
i get it!!!!!!! i know what he is now!!!!! he is.......... "THE THE" HAHAHAHAHAHA

User Info: Ocelot529

9 years ago#44
I always thought that it was clear in the game, that after Snake killed The Boss, that he replaced her and became The Joy. After all, he basically got her name, with a big added in.
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User Info: Judhead

9 years ago#45
^Running with that, he'd be "The Big Joy" then.

As for my opinion..."The Honorable". The Snake Eater title song alludes to this fact, as does the events in game.
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User Info: Eddo_C

9 years ago#46
"I give my life, not for honor, but for you" (snake eater)

I liken that to the Boss more, if we go by what EVA said.
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User Info: LOZFangirl12

9 years ago#47
Ocelot is "The show off" >______>
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User Info: redmageragnarok

9 years ago#48
The Game.
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User Info: Equafi

9 years ago#49
The Snake :P
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