Why do people say Kojima sold out with this game?

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  3. Why do people say Kojima sold out with this game?

User Info: Apocalypse15

10 years ago#21
The Pain is a...pain on Euro Extreme.

But still overall, this games bosses are harder than MGS2's.

Fatman? Vamp? Solidus? Easy as hell.
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User Info: sith_acolyte15

10 years ago#22
"And taking critiques into account when improving a game is selling out... why exactly?"

That's pretty much the definition of selling out...
Kojima's not creating what he wants to. He's creating what will sell more due to less "problems" people complain about.

Please tell me you're joking. You honestly think that is selling out? Wow. Say I want to make a game for people to enjoy, with a story that is unlike anything else. Now, say I've made a few games, but, people are starting to get "turned off" on some of the gameplay features because they are either A. slightly to very broken or B. very outdated. Now, you want to make a new game in the series knowing these things. You're telling me that you wouldn't take those things into consideration and update the games with the new tech available?

Kojima hasn't sold out. He's merely updated the gameplay. It's not about his "vision". That changes from game to game. He's tried new things. Some work, others don't. Scrapping things that no longer, or never did, work isn't selling out. It's trying to make the best damn game you possibly can. Get off your high horse for a minute, and you may be able to see this.
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User Info: Eddo_C

10 years ago#23
I would have agreed with this move when I first played MGS2. Hey, I was a kid.

There is complexity and there is over complexity. A lot of people can't understand a story without people spelling out things for them. Lets not forget MGS3, apart from having a great story, also have great gameplay as well. Also, lets not forget, that the target audience probably enjoy blowing up every car in the city more than a sophisticated conspiracy. The audience doesn't understand as much. Like in FFXII people were spilling their guts out because of "political theme" when is only a minor aspect of it. If it were political, not much people interested in this genre would understand. Same here for MGS3.

We are making games, not movies or novels. Yes, in a way is selling out if you put it cynically. But is also make the best package for the intended audience.
Is not sweet or bitter until you tasted it.

User Info: DeathHope

10 years ago#24
the hell ? Ocelot is sorrow's and Boss's son ? where in the game did they mention this ? i just completed the game just now and i didnt rmb it saying ........

User Info: DeathHope

10 years ago#25
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Hassun

10 years ago#26
After reading hrognamal's posts more carefully I've concluded it's a troll. And I don't call anyone a troll without careful research.
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User Info: kemuri_recon

10 years ago#27
He had to get things right and make fans happy after the raiden bs that happened in 2 ..he just couldnt afford to make more mistakes ..(neutral fans not the hardcore ones that know every inch of the story)

User Info: InternetTAB

9 years ago#28
I'm pretty sure EVA tells you via codec if you bug her enough after you meet her in the water fall? something like that. The bosses have backstories, The defeated nazis ffs. Screw you all.
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User Info: InternetTAB

9 years ago#29
Deathhope, first sentence was for you!
I am matter... I am anti-matter... I can see your past... I can see your future...I consume time... and I will CONSUME YOU!!! - Culex

User Info: F0Xhole

9 years ago#30
WTF? The bosses weren't meant to have backstory. You weren't supposed to have an extensive history, any motives, any human qualities. There only roles were to be in your way and to exaggerate the relationship between the Boss and Snake.

Snake didn't have a battle emotion. The Cobra Unit did. As he gets further into his mission, he has to overcome these obstacles, both externally (boss battles) and internally. Each boss is a "checkpoint". Snake overcomes the Pain of war...then he over comes his Fear...then his death or End...then his hatred and Fury of war. He even overcomes his Sorrow in war. He isn't quite a true soldier yet, unlike the Boss. She is called "The Joy", a true warrior who lives for combat. After he killed her, he became a true solider. War finally gives him Joy.

The complete lack of story between Snake and the Cobra Unit only serve to make the relationship and backstory of the Boss that much stronger. In all reality, MGS3 is a story of the Boss and Snake. All else is irrelavent.

And Ocelot being the son of the Sorrow and the Boss? How in the hell is this an important plot point? Other than the THEORY that Ocelot can somehow speak to the dead like the Sorrow, this little fact does nothing more than continue to intertwine characters of the MGS universe.

Big Boss is alive. - Started Pre-MGS3 Release
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