Could have played online but didn't want to. Mistake?

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  3. Could have played online but didn't want to. Mistake?

User Info: stuntwill

9 years ago#1
I had Subsistence during the time that you could go online but I decided to never play it because i didn't want my Metal Gear experience ruined by the downfalls of online gaming (i.e., idiots, name-callers, and people so good that it's not even fun). Looking back, was that a mistake?

User Info: Apocalypse15

9 years ago#2
a pretty massive one.
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User Info: DemonReacher

9 years ago#3
Probably the biggest mistake of your life, woulda made your Metal Gear experience 100x better
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User Info: jackbristowuk

9 years ago#4
unlucky mate you never knew what you were missing.

User Info: Solid_Shake

9 years ago#5
No. You're not missing anything if you plan to get MGO for PS3 since that will be better anyways.

User Info: vazel

9 years ago#6
I **** up too. I kept putting off playing the game online and then I read on the Wiki entry for the game that the servers have been taken offline. :(

User Info: Hassun

9 years ago#7
Never played subsistence online either. Even though I already completed the original Snake Eater multiple times before getting subsistence.
Just didn't feel like it.
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User Info: Nintend0_Ninja

9 years ago#8
Huge mistake! MGO is the most fun I've had online ever!

User Info: liquidsky9

9 years ago#9
just curious, at most, how many people were online
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User Info: fi3rcedragon

9 years ago#10
I have no idea about American servers, but the Australia/UK servers only had like 50-100 people on at one time.

I'm guessing not a lot of people play PS2 online.
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  3. Could have played online but didn't want to. Mistake?

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