Because of the outdoor setting, I find this game much harder

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  3. Because of the outdoor setting, I find this game much harder

User Info: cartelwarlord

9 years ago#1
The lack of right angled environments, replaced by trees and grass, make this game much harder. I'm always forced to use the tranquilising gun because getting around a guy any other way is just impossible. I really hate getting found and alerts so I always reset. I feel like such a douche, but it's just too difficult to know when a guy is seeing you or not, like say for example I have the checkered red camo against a brick wall and a guard walks past, he sees me. Because the mechanics are at times unrealistic in that manner, I have a lot of trouble. I've finished the game but plan to do a replay with resetting like a wuss.

Does anyone have any solid advice to offer me?
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User Info: dothack102

9 years ago#2
Best MGS advice you'll ever get: The key to the game is memorization.

On your first no alerts no kills run, memorize section by section and save every time you go to a new screen. Reset when you get caught.

Take your time and watch from a safe place; usually the beginning of the room. Following soldiers is the easiest way to get through the room. I say room even though a lot of the game is outdoors, it feels like a room with grass and trees.

Don't run unless you're absolutely sure nobody can see you for miles. Crawling is your preferred mode of transportation.

In the beginning, tranq as many as possible and shake the bodies for extra batteries and tranq suppressors. You'll need all you can get for sonar/radar/mic.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
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User Info: MetallicaDemon

9 years ago#3
Like DotHack102 said, it's all about memory. Here are some tips to ensure not being caught:

* Always crawl unless you've planned out your route.
* When playing for no-alert, always save after the area.
* No touch is often the best method, saving you supressors, ammo and the possible alert if you're dumb enough.
* Remember, if not going for no-touch, the direct approach out of their field of vision followed by a CQC slam works well, knocking them out for several minutes.
* Take smart shots, don't shoot to high hitting the tree, the wall or whatever is behind them. This will cause them to bring in backup saying that the enemy is near.
* Tactical movements are key. Don't forget to knock on walls, roll when crossing the open, corner shoot, etc.
* Turn subtitles on. This helps because you actually see the text saying: "Who was that?", telling you to get the hell out of there.
* Never forget to not call Sigint when in the box.
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User Info: DemonReacher

9 years ago#4
ok, heres my advice when i was going for FH on E Extreme.

-Never Pick up and LETHAL weapons! this way when you reach an ammo place, there will only be ammo of the guns you have, so there will be more MK ammo for you.

-Also, never go for that headshot unless you are sure, just tag em and move on.
-About saving after each scene, keep in mind you are only allowed 25 saves for FH rank, so try to save after 4 saves, if not going for FH rank, forget it.
-Because of the open space, there are plenty of routes, always use best camo and stick to the outer walls, if a gaurd thinks he saw you, crawl and press R2 and L2, so you are in the same height as crouch but have camo index of crawl, so you can take him out
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  3. Because of the outdoor setting, I find this game much harder

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