Any interesting challenge??

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  3. Any interesting challenge??

User Info: y1985

9 years ago#1
Alert mode runs....always make alert mode til the end of the game. :)

I like this game but I suck at it. :(

User Info: Rikkus_dad

9 years ago#2
no camo - knife only. When you are forced to use a gun (eg, the pain) then use the MK22
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User Info: BlackFenrisWolf

9 years ago#3
My runs for fun

No Camo run or always Red camo index to the max!+Knife Only+Mk+only fruits+no go backs+Max Kills.

well usually for fun.
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User Info: DemonReacher

9 years ago#4
Use cigar for entire game and get leech rank ( must have a leech at the end of the game meaning your stamina is always draining) always use tux, or SAA only
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User Info: y1985

9 years ago#5
Cigar plus Granade only run!!
Ahem! is this possible??
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  3. Any interesting challenge??

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