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User Info: AnarchyWest

9 years ago#1
sorry if this has been asked a lot of times but what is exactly the difference between snake eater and subsistence. I never played either MGS3 so im confused on why there are two different versions

User Info: AnarchyWest

9 years ago#2
also is this game a prequel or sequel because from what i know MGS4 is a sequel to 2. BTW i've never played it so dont tell me the storyline

User Info: Mookiethebold

9 years ago#3
The main game is the same on both versions, but Subsistence is loaded with extras.

MGS3 takes place before all the other MG games.

User Info: DemonReacher

9 years ago#4
MGS4 is the latest cannon game, and MGS3 is the earliest.
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User Info: MetallicaDemon

9 years ago#5
Disc one for Subsistance is Snake Eater with a full 360 camera. Instead of the camera type angles from the original Resident Evil's, you can now pan, rotate and zoom in. It is very helpful.

Disc two, Persistance has the Secret Theatre, which is basically bloopers. The new duel mode, which allows you to battle the bosses again in attempt to score the most points. There is more extra stuff, but the main reason for the disc (online play) is no longer available.
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